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October can be overwhelming with the amount of events there are in LA during this month. There’s Halloween Horror Nights and all the other Halloween related events, countless new art installations at museums, and did you know that In n Out is hosting a party for their 75th anniversary this month? The sheer amount of events this month can drown out some other events, so this is where I come in and let you know about all the Día de Los Muertos events happening at the end of the month. 

Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a vibrant and deeply meaningful celebration that holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Los Angeles. With a history rooted in Mexican and indigenous traditions, this annual event has become a colorful and cherished occasion that unites communities, transcending borders and backgrounds. In Los Angeles, Dia de los Muertos is not merely a date on the calendar; it is a spirited, joyous remembrance that brings families and friends together to honor and celebrate the lives of those who have passed on. It is a fusion of ancient customs and contemporary creativity, where altars adorned with marigolds, sugar skulls, and mementos serve as tributes to loved ones. Los Angeles, with its diverse cultural tapestry, has embraced Día de los Muertos in a way that makes it a uniquely unforgettable experience. As we delve into the events that unfold during this period of remembrance, you’ll discover the vivid traditions and attractions that make Día de los Muertos in Los Angeles a vibrant celebration of life and heritage.

Día De Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever: October 28th


Photo: Department of Cultural Affairs

Kicking off our journey through the vibrant tapestry of Día de los Muertos celebrations in Los Angeles is the iconic Día de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever. Located at the historic Hollywood Forever Cemetery, this event is renowned for its colorful and elaborate ofrendas that pay tribute to both celebrities and ordinary folks who have passed away. Visitors will find altars adorned with marigolds, photographs, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed. But what truly sets this event apart is its lively entertainment, featuring music, dance, and traditional performances. Expect to be immersed in the joyous rhythms of mariachi bands and the mesmerizing steps of folkloric dancers. For those who appreciate art, the Calaca art exhibit showcases stunning interpretations of death as a part of life.

Grand Park Downtown Día de los Muertos: October 21 – November 2


Photo: TimeOut

Grand Park Downtown Día de los Muertos is a sprawling, immersive experience that captures the essence of Día de los Muertos. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, it unfolds in two phases, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate the beauty of the holiday for an extended period. The park’s surroundings come alive with ofrendas, paper marigolds, and vibrant papel picado banners. Traditional performances, including Aztec dance and mariachi music, infuse the atmosphere with authenticity. The culmination is the procession and the communal altar, where attendees are invited to bring offerings and mementos to honor their own dearly departed.

Day of the Dead at El Pueblo: October 25 – November 2


Photo: Olvera Events

El Pueblo Historical Monument, the birthplace of Los Angeles, comes alive with Day of the Dead celebrations that resonate with the city’s rich cultural heritage. This event pays homage to the indigenous origins of Día de los Muertos with Aztec dancers and ancient rituals. The colorful ofrendas, lit by candlelight, create a striking contrast against the historic backdrop of Olvera Street. While exploring the bustling marketplace, visitors can enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine, pan de muerto (Day of the Dead bread), and sugar skulls. It’s a time when the past and present merge, reminding everyone of the deep roots and vibrant life of Los Angeles.

Downey Día de Los Muertos Art Festival: October 29


Photo: The Downey Patriot

The Downey Día de Los Muertos Art Festival is an art lover’s paradise. Taking place on the eve of Día de los Muertos, it highlights the artistic interpretations of the holiday. Artists from all backgrounds come together to create captivating ofrendas and installations that explore the concept of life and death. Visitors can engage with the artists and gain insights into the meaning behind the creations. Beyond the art, there’s live music and dance performances that infuse the atmosphere with a festive spirit.

Día de los Muertos at LA Plaza: October 29


Photo: TimeOut

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes is where tradition and innovation merge to create a unique Día de los Muertos experience. This event celebrates the diverse communities of Los Angeles with a focus on the contributions of indigenous people to the city’s culture. Attendees can witness traditional Aztec rituals, shop at the bustling marketplace for artisanal goods, and enjoy contemporary art exhibits. The ofrendas here are a testament to the diverse influences that shape Los Angeles, making it a culturally rich celebration of remembrance.

San Pedro’s Día de Los Muertos Festival: October 22


Photo: Discover San Pedro

Nestled in the charming port town of San Pedro, the Día de Los Muertos Festival here exudes a small-town charm while celebrating a grand tradition. It features a vibrant community procession, folkloric dance, and a bustling mercado with artisans and food vendors. What sets this event apart is its community-centered approach, making everyone feel like they’re part of a family. The event is a heartfelt tribute to the deceased and a celebration of life.

Día de los Muertos at Forest Lawn: October 29


Photo: DOLA

Forest Lawn Memorial Park brings a serene and contemplative touch to Día de los Muertos. Amidst the well-manicured lawns and gardens, the event focuses on reflection and remembrance. The ofrendas are more solemn, and visitors often come here to pay their respects in a peaceful setting. It’s a unique experience that offers a quieter, more introspective perspective on the holiday.