It takes a brilliant mind to create an innovative twist to a classic tale already revamped and told many ways over time. And it’s easy to say Matthew Bourne and the team behind theatre company New Adventures, has made the timeless classic of Cinderella completely new yet familiar with time itself.

Gregory McGuire successfully did for the literary world with Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Matthew Bourne and New Adventures have successfully done with Cinderella for the live stage. Set in London during World War II, the interpretation of the classic fairy tale brings to the stage a war-time romance, spellcasting together elements of true love into real world history. In this adaptation, the royal pumpkin carriage and fairy godmother are amiss as the story is changed with Cinderella being a neglected sibling of six with her dashing prince being a young Royal Air Force pilot. But while the theatrical adaptation may take some creative freedoms, the show, accompanied with Prokofiev’s world known score interweaves all elements of the show making the slipper truly fit.

With the full combination of award-winning set and costume design, flawless looking choreography and a story retold to feel new, the show is an impeccable visionary marvel, leaving viewers wanting more. Mixing Hollywood Glamour into the visual aspect of the show, guests are treated to nonstop changing sets brought to life by award winner: Lez Brotherston. His set design creates a new immersive and beautifully set stage, incorporating both original design to iconic imagery of the British landscape and culture making this feel as a new story in itself! A must watch not to be missed.

Tickets are available now online for shows at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles between Feb. 5th – March 10th.

By Giovanni Salas