Gehry Partners / Related Cos.

Downtown Los Angeles, once a business-only-center has been getting a lot of TLC lately. Slowly turning this grey looking concrete area into a vibrant location. And by vibrant I do not mean overpriced like the rest of Los Angeles …

How the city is gonna deal with the homeless population is another topic. Moving people who end up in the streets of Skid Row mostly is not a solution. We live in one of the richest cities, in the richest state of the richest country on the planet … it just doesn’t make any sense how a sustainable insertion and housing solution is not already found. I do not think we would let a entire area  with lost dogs and cats hungry just to die alone … but that’s also another topic.

Let’s just hope all those big bucks made by real estate developers and the city will be used to finance more shelters and services for people sleeping on the side walks.

Enough of my Debbie Downer rant … let’s celebrate change. Designed by Frank Gehry – just like the Disney Concert Hall across the street – the Grand, will include a dynamic mix of hotel, dining, nightlife and residential anchored by a central public plaza above five levels of parking – Oh yeah parking, the lack of or overpriced parking of DTLA … another pleasure of DTLA – probably taking lessons from other failed “entertainment plazas” located in downtown this one promises a “premium entertainment destination”. The residential tower will rise 39-stories high with 436 luxury, ultra-premium and 80 affordable apartments. The other tower will be a 20-story, 309-room Equinox Hotel.

The Grand was initially announced during the Great Recession of 2008.

I am excited to see this project completed as I think this is a great part of DTLA.

Total cost $1 billion.

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