RANAVAT creates Modern Ayurvedic Skincare and premium hair treatments that you can use from the comfort of your home! At Ranavat, they are proud to create formulas that are mostly vegan and organic. They also make their best efforts to select recyclable packaging without sacrificing quality or performance… Their products represent where true luxury and quality meet as they bring to you the love and care you need!

It’s important to remember to take a breath and take care of yourself because after all, you have only one skin …so love it! Nurture it! Sooth it! The brand is also here to help heal the world a little more as they “donate 2% of proceeds to the Desai Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides educational programs in rural India.”

Here are some of their latest launches which we at BELLO have no doubt you will love!!

Eternal Reign Renewing Bakuchi Night Crème $85

This is the first product to use 6% bakuchi seed along with a blend of lotus flower and ashwagandha for a true-to-Ayurveda night creme experience. Most products use Bakuchiol- the extract, but our formula holds true to the ancient traditions and uses the oil extracted from the plant seeds, including all of its nutrients.

Sacred Rose Hand Creme $32

Features Pushkar Rose, grown in India’s Rajasthan (the past time of the royal gardens). Plus, the royals used to bathe in the sacred lake for skin ailments, and the earth, water, and roses around the lake would heal them. This silky hand creme will exfoliate hands and treat them for dry skin.

Imperial Glow Facial Polish $42

Inspired by Tvachagnivardhani (the Ayurvedic principle of enhancing skin metabolism), Imperial Glow Facial Polish is a creamy blend of enriched sesame and almond oils infused with the powerhouse adaptogen: Ashwagandha. An aptogenic herb that helps control stress and “adapts” to your body. For the skin, it is known to help retain youth through its high antioxidant content. Allow the finely milled rice powder to gently exfoliate + tone while a hint of geranium and rose puts you in a meditative state.   Housed in a recyclable- yet chic aluminum tube, Imperial Glow will quickly become a bi-weekly ritual you won’t want to miss.