Today is a very exciting day as Laura Marano has just released her single and music video for “Honest With You (Alextbh Duet).” Both created in “an isolating time we call 2020,” the collaboration was done via zoom calls, Facetimes, and any correspondence that was not physical! The song reflects realizing that it is okay to be vulnerable with someone you care about (something we all fear but when it’s time, it’s time)! Here at BELLO, we absolutely love speaking with Laura and following her journey as she continues to rise in the musical world. Check it out!

What was your favorite part of producing your single and music video for “Honest With You (Alextbh Duet)?

Both this single and this music video were born in this very unique and isolating time we call “2020” (I mean the video was technically shot in early 2021, but it still felt like 2020!). I had to collaborate with people without being physically next to them. It was challenging, but ended up being really fulfilling creatively! I literally filmed the music video with a friend of mine, while the director was on FaceTime, which was a bit of a wild experience, but ultimately really fun! I also drank lots of wine for the video, so that was fun.

How was the process from beginning to end? Which parts did you love and which ones were you happy to be over with?

I loved getting to collaborate with Alex from over 8,000 miles away. I remember zooming with him to talk about the song, expecting us to discuss the song before he worked on it, only to find that he completely finished recording everything for the song! He’s amazing! The toughest part was both of us filming this video from two different countries and coordinating the different parts, but it ended up totally working out.

What does that song mean to you? 

To me, “Honest With You” is about making that decision about finally being vulnerable with someone you really care about. At its core, it’s a love song, but I also think anyone can interpret it however they want. Alex and I talked about the song, and for him, it meant something completely different, which I kind of loved.

When writing a song, what usually goes through your mind? To hear the melody first? Think of the lyrics first? Explain. 

Honestly, every time I write it’s different. I would say most of the time I think of the lyric first, but truly, it really depends on the vibe I’m feeling that day.

As an artist, what do you prefer the most about your art? What do you hope to work more on? 

I love songwriting so much. Although I do love performing, I think writing is my favorite part of the whole process. I find it incredibly healing. I do love performing so much, but I also just want to work on it so much more and do way more of it! Hopefully I can tour when the live music scene starts opening back up!

If you could sing a duet with any artist, who would it be and why? (They can be dead or alive).

Oh man, there are so many artists I would love to collaborate with. If I had to pick, I think just being in the same room as Joni Mitchell would be a life changing experience, let alone actually singing with her. She’s one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time and definitely someone I look up to (and also listen to on a constant basis), so she would be very high on that list for me.

If you had to pick a movie soundtrack to describe your life, which would it be and why?

Oooh, I love this question! Potentially La La Land’s soundtrack, though now I want to go through a bunch of movie’s soundtracks and see which one resonates with my life the most. I know what I’m doing after this interview!

Share with us something about yourself that most people do not know. 

My ears aren’t pierced. To be completely honest with, there really is no specific reason for that. I think around the time I would have gotten my ears pierced, I saw The Parent Trap, and the piercing ears scene really freaked me out.

Any hidden talents?

I’m amazing at the pogo stick. I should have been a pogo stick athlete!

What can fans expect this year?

Well, I’m definitely not finished telling my You EP story, so they can expect a few more surprises with that. Then, I’m just going to be writing and figuring out what story I want to tell next with my music.



Photographer – Josh Williams Photography @joshwphoto

Styling – Jenny Dayco @jennydayco

Hair & Makeup – Melissa Bedi

Interview Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites


Photo with a lot of jewelry:

Vintage slip from by Moshi Moshi Sister Sister, / instagram – @moshimoshisistersister

Necklaces: Vienna necklace by Eye of Iris, www. / instagram – @eyeofiris, pearl necklaces, earrings, choker, and belt (worn as bracelet) from City of Angels Vintage, instagram – @cityofangelsvintage

Rings, stylist’s own.

Photo in yellow dress:

Gown by Kenneth Barlis, via @thearchshow, instagram – @realkennethbarlis

Earrings from City of Angels Vintage, instagram – @cityofangelsvintage

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Necklace by Aaron Perez, instagram – @babybonsai_

Body Chain stylist own

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Nuclear leather dresses by Ritual, / instagram – @ritual_official

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Sunglasses by Aldo, / instagram – @aldo_shoes