Disco is a clean VEGAN skin care product that cleanses and tightens your skin. No need to worry about those awful facial blemishes anymore, Disco has got you covered. Feeling guilty about using to many chemicals on your skin? Fear no more, Disco doesn’t have any of those. Disco is paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, and even gluten free. Even better this product is perfect for all animal lovers because its cruelty free, Disco has a strong policy against testing on animals. These divine products will leave your skin sleek and soft showing of the most charming version of yourself.

The new men’s skincare brand launched last month. The launch includes seven essential items to complete an entire skincare routine, I mean who has to time to research multiple products from different brands and stores? Why do that when you can cover all your bases with Disco? The items include:

  • Face Mask: $34 – Includes naturally occurring clay minerals, great for its absorbent properties to draw out toxins in the skin
  • Eye Cream: $32 – Includes caffeine which helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eyes
  • Face Scrub: $22 – Includes apricot seeds to exfoliate skin
  • Face Moisturizer: $24 – Includes Vitamin E, a natural skin-conditioning agent that can protect from free-radical damage and moisturize skin
  • Face Cleanser Stick: $16 – Includes activated charcoal, which acts like a magnet for toxins, giving an extra-deep clean
  • Body Wash: $20 – Includes aloe, which is a plant extract with antioxidant moisturizing and healing properties
  • Deodorant: $16 – Includes eucalyptus and tea tree oil to keep your perspiration in check and your skin free of toxins


The items range from a comparable $16-34, a one stop shop for all your skincare needs. The brand was created by Ben Smith, who felt there was not a brand that fulfilled all of his needs when it comes to skincare. The items utilize ingredients such as charcoal, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil in order to solve a range of skin issues such as puffiness and dryness. The products can be found on letdisco.co, purchased individually and/or in sets. Users can also sign up for a membership where a personalized set can be delivered every six, eight, ten, or twelve weeks.

Follow @lets.disco for more information about the products.

By Giovanni Salas