The essence of La Semaine Paris lies in the dream of her creative director, the instagramer Gabrielle Caunesil: to make women feel bold and “belle comme le jour” from Monday to Sunday. To reach this dream, she reunited a group of women with different stories, cultures and backgrounds, bound by the same goal of doing something as women for women, their first source of inspiration. La Semaine Parisaims to create a direct link with its community: bring the best possible quality at a fair price, we cut the unnecessary steps between us. The closer the better.

In life as in the closet, there is no room for waste: their aim is to create timeless pieces! They will be working hard to make sure nothing will be lost, indeed the remains of fabrics will give life to other unique pieces that will last from a wardrobe to another.

They have no boundaries: La Semaine Paris is not only about trends, about fashion, it’s a group of women around the world sharing the same tastes and values. They will give you tips about everything that makes us curious and nourish our soul. Sharing is caring.

Bello Mag offers you 7 outfits for the 7 days of the week:

By Justine Duclaux

Photos: website