SUMMER FRIDAYS, the brand everyone’s talking about on Instagram…

When you work this hard, but still want soft, healthy skin, SUMMER FRIDAYS will be your best beauty ally. They are connoisseurs of products that fight our own dull, tired, stressed-out complexions and strive to create skin care formulas with ingredients that are good for you and coveted results. Relieve stressed skin so that every day feels like a SUMMER FRIDAYS.

They think of skincare like food, it’s got to nourish and delight. Their products rely on simple, understandable ingredient lists that are proven to purify, balance and plump up skin cells.Think of it like a green juice for your complexion. Now, break out the rosé! 

The brand offers a set with all the products of the brand: 

The Everything Bundle includes Super Amino Gel Cleanser, Jet Lag Mask, R+R Mask, Overtime Mask, CC Me Serum and Lip Butter Balm… 

About the founders, Marianna Hewitt & Lauren Gores Ireland: 

They can’t begin to count how many beauty products they’ve tried. Thanks to their blogs, Life With Me andYou & Lu, they’ve been sent pretty much everything out there. Even with cabinets, bins and boxes full of every type of treatment, they were still searching for something with good for your ingredients that gave their skin an immediate selfie-worthy glow.  

So, with a team of industry experts, they dreamed up their first product, a simple mask that would leave skin looking gorgeous whether you’re hopping off a plane or just running out the door. With more formulas in the works, they are excited to give our communities a chance to take a little SUMMER FRIDAY time for themselves. This is about feeling confident in clear, beautiful skin so you can focus on the fun stuff.

By Justine Duclaux

Photos: website