1.RealHer – Lipgloss

Realher, a cruelty-free makeup brand, strives to not only deliver high quality products, but to empower along the way. Created by Bill Xiang, Realher’s range of products all share one thing in common: they all have inspiring or empowering affirmations printed on them. Realher offers a wide range of products from eye shadow to blush to lipstick. Our favorite for this Summer are the lip glosses. Realher’s glosses combine Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and other beneficial ingredients to create the perfect blend to hydrate your lips while also being long wearing. The formula also prevents the stickiness that is typical of some other glosses.

2.Aveda – Rinseless Refresh Hit

In April, Aveda salons, spas and stores/online stocked up on a revolutionary hair product. If you are looking for a product that will instantly cleanse your scalp and refresh your hair and its texture, Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher is for you. Trying to keep your hair looking intact two days in a row? Thanks to the no-rinse micellar technology, this product will help revive and refresh those “second-day styles” with naturally derived styling polymers that help tame frizz for up to 72 hours – even in intense humidity. Rinseless Refresh is suitable for slightly wavy to very tight coily hair textures.


True Repair and True Protection of your hair are what Trueplex strives for. This product is a bond recovery system that will repair any internal damage your hair has suffered and will also protect it from any new internal damage. Whether you use it at home or ask your hairstylist to incorporate it in the service they provide, Trueplex will leave your hair better and stronger than ever. From their different products derived from bamboo to their bond repair/enhance/protect, you don’t have to worry about damaged hair any longer. Check it out !

4.Sock Panda

Who says you can’t have fun with your sock designs? Sock Panda offers a variety of colors and patterns which will have your feet rockin’! It is a monthly subscription that delivers the socks you want right to your doorstep! For men, women, teens–they have it all ! Their designs vary and you can even customize your own pair. Check it out !

5.AO SKincare – Native Core Set

This set contains two treatments: Raw Nourish AM Treatment and Raw Nurture PM Treatment. These products not only moisturize your skin, they also work to retain as much of your natural moisture. The AM treatment is a high active, low moisture botanical blend which naturally supports the skin’s ability to produce and maintain its own hydration. The PM treatment is an antioxidant and blend rich in nutrients which hydrates and stimulates collagen production. Your skin will be feeling more fit, stronger, and your lines will be softer!

6.Ubuna: Serum Series

Ubuna is a completely customizable skin care which allows you to take charge of your complexion. Their products are from Japan and combine antibody science with high-tech ingredients. Ubuna’s serum series has the “brighten”, “drench,” and “re-gen”: all products that will leave your skin feeling completely replenished. The “brighten” revitalizes your dull skin; the “drench” serum will have your skin smooth and intensely hydrated and finally, the “re-gen” serves as a sort of reset button for your skin when you sleep! Get your Ubuna on soon.

7.ImPress: Press-On Pedicure

Struggling to keep your mani-pedi intact? Don’t have time to go the nail salon? Stress no more, ImPress is here to save the day. The Patented Dual-Layer Adhesive system matched with the SuperHold adhesive allow your nails to look great and never see any kind of damage! The press-on pedicure is a game changer. Whether you go to the beach, on a night out on the town or just going to do your groceries, this product will not fail you. With the large variety and colors to choose from , press-on pedicure will get your creativity going and your beauty thriving!

8.Rosé Toronto – Organic Face Oil

The founder of Rosé Toronto went through hell and back before finding her passion and becoming the “chemist” she was meant to be. Having come up with products which avoid the use of chemicals, fragrances and dyes that could lead to irritation and breakouts, Rosé Toronto ensures results both safe and beautiful. From face oils to mist, your face skin will always be taken care of. The organic face oil is one of our favorites at BELLO as it will hydrate your skin, hair and nails. The only ingredients are active ones: rosehip, pomegranate and jojoba oil. Organic Face Oil is the way to go !

10.Hanacure – All-In-One Facial

Hanacure doesn’t just work to treat your fine lines and wrinkles: it transforms and will renew your skin. The different products provided by this brand are made with “high concentrations of good-for-you ingredients that are focused on protecting beauty, restoring purity.” Inspired by the lotus flower, Hanacure offers products which give skin care a whole new name. The All-In-One Facial set combines different treatments in one from anti-aging to detoxifying, and more! 

By Alexandra Tuil