Although change has been incremental, technology has had a dramatic impact on our daily lives. Modern tech has enabled us to enjoy convenience impossible only a few years ago, and prices are more affordable than you might imagine. Keeping up with these new advances, however, can be difficult. Here are some of the best modern room accessories to consider picking up.

Smart Remotes

Most homes have multiple devices that require remote controls. From televisions to music players to cable or satellite boxes, modern tech demands juggling remote controls to perform even the simplest tasks. Smart remotes, however, can greatly simplify this process, allowing you to turn on and set multiple devices with the touch of a button. Furthermore, manufacturers often work with companies to ensure their devices are compatible with smart remotes. The setup process can take some time, but making your devices easier to use can save you and your family from wasted time and confusion.

Modern Music Devices

Instead of plugging together various audio devices, consider picking up an all-in-one solution. A Bluetooth vinyl record player with USB lets you enjoy your vinyl collection while making it easy to connect your smart devices, including streaming music services, wirelessly. USB connectivity also lets you connect your computer, making it easy to make digital backups of your favorite music. These devices are often small, letting you save space, and modern speaker technology also lets you enjoy room-filling sound.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a relatively recent technology, but modern systems enable you to control your lights in a number of ways. Voice control, for example, let you set the right brightness without having to stand up. Furthermore, modern LED bulbs let you try out various light hues for mood lighting impossible in the past. If you’re interested in investing in money-saving LED technology, check out smart lighting first before spending money.

Digital Assistants

Digital assistants from modern tech companies are affordable and easy to use. Instead of having to pull out a phone or computer to access information online, digital assistants let you simply ask questions in a natural way. Furthermore, these technologies can be integrated with an online calendar, letting you plan your days in mere seconds. Smart thermostats let you save on screen time by performing tasks that would otherwise require a phone. Those looking to cut back on screen time will find voice assistance to be invaluable.

Smart Thermostats

People often change their thermostats several times throughout the day. With smart thermostat technology, you can gain better control over your thermostat than ever before. Smart thermostats let you adjust the temperature by using your smartphone, letting you avoid having to get out of bed or off the couch. Furthermore, you can set your thermostat to operate more efficiently while everyone is out of the home and kick in before anyone arrives, letting you enjoy a perfect temperature when you return home while saving money while you’re gone.

Modern technology provides convenience and can save you time. Although home robots and other futuristic technologies have yet to arrive in a major way, all homeowners can enjoy some of the benefits of smart and connected technology at an affordable cost.