The Faux Leather Jacket you must have in your closet!


Wide Collar Patent Faux Leather Jacket $360

NOCTURNE offers trend-led styles for women at reasonable prices. Each collection features classic pieces updated with exciting prints, top-quality fabrics, and bold silhouettes. Styles that are designed to make the wearer stand out among the crowd. Truly embodying their European roots, the brand makes luxurious garments for women who are real fashionistas! We absolutely love their pieces and especially this Wide Collar Patent Faux Leather Jacket!

A healthy dry shampoo for ALL types of hair…

Dry Shampoo – Coconut (Beachy Revival) $25

GIMME BEAUTY provides a variety of products for all types of hair out there! Here to help you feel good and confident, make sure to check out their website and find the perfect fit for your hair…Whether you style your hair for work or a night out on the town, this brand is perfect to help achieve that! Enjoy!

Get cozy with this Rolling Loud x Kappa Hoodie!


Rolling Loud is a music festival that happens in the US where a variety of artists perform and make the crowd go wild. Everyone dresses in their own unique way to express who they truly are through clothing. So what if I told you there were collections out there that combined the festival and your favorite styles? Well, there are and you can order your favorite pieces now! Let’s go rockin’!

Keep your eyes youthful with this preventive eye cream!

Total Eye Firm & Repair Cream $95

From sunlight, to pollution, to free radicals, Color Science believes in going way beyond UV. Obsessively overprotective about preventing skin damage, the brand ensures to provide quality skincare products to handle any concerns you may have. Take a moment to browse through their website and treat your skin the way it deserves to be…with love and care!



A nail polish co-created by Rosalía to give you the perfect sexy nails!


MAC is without a doubt one of the most renowned cosmetics brand out there and offers many MANY products to give you that perfect look. Whether you like earthy tones or neon ones, there is a match for you. One of their latest releases is this sexy nail polish by Rosalía that will have your body moving and hands

Beautiful turquoise earrings to add the final touch to your Holiday look!

Turquoise Multi-Stone Hoop Earrings $320

At Anna Beck, they celebrate the beauty of connection, working with heritage artisans in Bali who practice the art of handmade techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Their jewelry is a bridge for change as they hope to better the world a little more every day. There is beauty and meaning behind every piece, a little something you will feel as you wear something from them!


Feel the pop of flavors with this guilt-free Lollipop!

Spicy Mango Lollipops $18 (21 Pops)

Calling all candy lovers! TAZZY is bringing the sweet and spicy with their guilt-free lollipops! No Sugar, 25 Calories for 2 Pops, Natural Colors & Flavors, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Women Owned & Operated, AND Made in USA. Phewww! Get empowered with their delicious lollipops and keep feeling your best! Let yourself be transported to a tropical island with their spicy mango-flavored ones…



Repair parched, damaged hair overnight with this serum!

Sleep Masque Night Repair Serum $165

The brand provides award-winning line of haircare products that feature unique ingredients and benefits designed to deliver immediate, high-performing results while keeping hair and scalp health at top-of-mind. All their formulas are color-safe, heat and UV protective, vegan, cruelty and gluten-free, and without harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petrolatum. Here to help maintain your hair, you are sure to keep it strong and healthy!


Small but mighty, this is the best portable charger out there!

Poseidon Pro Portable Charger $119.99

Portable chargers are a must especially with how much we use our devices! Small but mighty, the Poseidon Pro Portable Charger is amazing as it has 30+ hours of battery life, allowing you to ram stress free and use your phone as much as you need! Whether it be on set to at a festival, this charger is the bomb!


Get the perfect skin look all the while staying moisturized!


Your skin deserves the very best treatment. Whether it be a mask or cleanse…whatever it is, make sure you treat yourself to the best of the best! MZ SKIN is a luxury skincare brand that recognizes the importance of quality products and is here to help with any issues such as wrinkles, blemishes, redness, and much more. The website is very helpful in terms of navigation so don’t be shy and make your way today!


Elegant and comfortable, this is the perfect gift for your special someone!


N. Peal plans to be the global destination for sustainable luxury cashmere. Committed to their social and environmental impacts, ensuring their products are sourced and manufactured responsibly, cultivating nature, and protecting the environment, they care for their Mongolian herders and goats. N.Peal has already limited their own plastic and paper use within their beautiful head offices situated in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, being environmentally friendly is an important company ethos. Offering clothes for men and women, meet luxury, comfort, and care all in one!


Mickey & Friends are bringing glamour to the table!


Mickey & Friends are coming to life thanks to MORPHE Cosmetics! The brand has a variety of products from makeup, to body care, and more. Their colors pop and allow you to truly be free in your personal expression! Whatever look you want to go for: funky, classic, edgy…they have something for you! Make sure to check it out and enjoy!