INVISIBOBBLE will revolutionize the way you use hair ties. It’s stylish and comfortable, leaving no marks in your hair and allowing you to do all kinds of hair styles! Here at BELLO, we are absolutely obsessed with invisibobble and had the pleasure of spekaing with Sophie Trelles-Tvede, Co-Founder of invisibobble.

1. Tell me more about your product, invisibobble.
invisibobble is a revolutionary hair caring bobble with a spiral shape for all hair types. It doesn’t leave a kink, is water-repellent, guarantees a strong grip for creative updos and can also be used as a stylish bracelet. The company is based in Munich, Germany.

2. What prompted you to design this innovative hair accessory brand?
The idea started to blossom during my first semester at university. I often got headaches from wearing a normal hair tie and had the annoying kink in her hair that we all know so well. One night, while I was getting ready for a‘bad taste’ party, I set my eye on the old, broken telephone hanging from my dorm wall. I decided to unplug the phone cord and use it to tie up my hair as an extra highlight for my already quite spectacular look. The next morning, I woke up after a night full of fun realizing that something was different. Then it dawned on me: I didn’t have a headache! After untying the cord, I also realized that the mark in my hair was a lot less strong than usual. The idea of invisibobble had been born! Ever since the brand ́s international launch in 2013, the demand of the
revolutionary spiral-shaped hair tie has exploded. 6 years later, invisibobble is now being distributed in over 70 countries around the world.

3. How did you come up with the different categories?
We do not want to just expand our assortment by adding more standard hair accessory categories but by adding innovative hair accessories that are changing the market like our spiral hair rings. The invisibobble Everyday category supports on a daily basis – no matter if you want to have a bouncy ponytail or a nice updo. Our success story started with invisibobble ORIGINAL and meanwhile we expanded the category by adding more specialized versions like KIDS for children or SLIM for a more elegant look. invisibobble Styling range was created to develop innovative hair accessories that offer a professional hair style with nearly no effort. invisibobble Sport products have been designed to meet requirements during an active lifestyle. The aim of invisibobble Trend is to be close to upcoming market trends.

4. In your opinion, what makes invisibobble stand out compared to other hair accessory brands?
At invisibobble, we have a strong focus on the shape and material of products. Thus, all products are made of artificial resin, so that they are particularly easy to remove from the hair on the one hand, do not soak up with water or sweat, but just as long-lasting as possible and do not tear at a certain point. In addition, our collections and editions with different colors and looks pick up current trends. Our Magic Mermaid Collection from last
summer changes color in the UV light, the Cheatday Collection smells of sweets. We just want to be different.

5. How would you describe yourself and your relationship to hair?
I’m super lazy when it gets to hair or beauty routines in general. That’s part of the reason why invisibobble exists, and the entirety of the reason why our philosophy is ‘that simple’ is so that people can have great hair with minimum effort.

6. What would you say is one of your favorite ways of wearing your hair with this product?
I almost always wear my hair in a simple ponytail with an invisibobble. But on our Instagram channel @invisibobble super nice hairstyle inspirations and also tutorials, suitable for every season, are regularly posted!

7. If you could invent anything else, what would it be?
A self-tanning pill. I have tried over 50 different tanning products I would say and none are ‘easy to use’. I’m pretty much as white as it gets so a having a little ‘healthy’ color for me is important but I just can’t achieve it at the moment.

8. What comes next for you and invisibobble?
Our goal is that everyone owns an invisibobble and whenever people need a new hair accessory which is hair loving, trendy and easy to use- invisibobble is the go to place. So for us it’s full focus on new innovations for the next years, as well as further develop and radiate our trendy and stylish side 😉

By Alexandra Bonnet