Baggage Claim Golden Eye Masks by Wander Beauty

Wander Beauty has revolutionized the way women go about their beauty routine. On the go and stress-free, any product is easy to take with you so you can freshen up at any time! Your skin will fall in love with their products that are clean, cruelty-free and free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance. For those dark circles, the 6 in 1 eye mask will do more than just minimize them …. and it’s all in gold foil. Yes, gold!

Fluff’N Brow Pencil by Velour Beauty

Velour Beauty is here to help you keep your brows and lashes fierce and clean! They offer all the answers to questions you might have and bring to you quality products. In desperate need of taming those brows? Look no further as they offer the perfect brow pencil and balm!

HAPPYLIGHT Luxe by Verilux

Lighting is an important factor in completing the comfort in your home. With a variety of lamps and lightbulbs to pick from, you will never leave empty-handed! Verilux ensures that a smile is always put on your face as you feel the bright energy with this new light therapy lamp! Feel good on the inside at all times.

Selena La Reina M.A.C Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics is the best friend we always needed. If you don’t already own at least one product from them, get shopping! An inclusive brand, everyone can find the perfect fit for them! We all deserve to feel like a queen so why not add a little something to our lips with the Selena La Reina lipstick?!

Loops Masks

Affordable and fun, Loops brings to you skincare masks to leave you feeling rejuvenated. Every mask has 4 key ingredients and 4 key benefits so you know exactly what you are using and how to use it! Their masks are fully compostable, and their plastic trays are 100% recyclable. After a long day, we can all use a face mask to hit the reset button!

AirPods Pro Peach Case by Elago

Let’s be honest, we all have some kind of technology but it’s not written anywhere that we can’t style them up! Bringing some fashion sense to technology, Elago offers a variety of accesssories from laptop stands to airpod cases. Get peachy with an original AirPods case design!

No 03 Candle by Siblings

As Siblings explain, most candles are mass-produced using paraffin—a byproduct of petroleum; most tumblers never get reused or recycled—contributing to landfill; and an empty candle glass you toss out today can take up to a million years to break down. So, they came up with a sustainable way of lighting your candles! They bring comfort, sustainability, and style to your home!

SEEN  $29 Shampoo – $26 Conditioner

The plot thickens… Or in this case, your hair! Seen offers healthy and luxury products to keep your hair strong and healthy. Their products only include shea butter cetyl esters, nourishing plant-sugar derived squalane, and smoothing, protecting plant-sugar derived hemisqualane. What makes this brand stand out as well is the information they provide about haircare products on your skin and more! Stay healthy and fabulous with their haircare products.

BlendJet One

Feeling like having a delicious homemade smoothie on the go? Fear not! BlendJet gives you that freedom with their BlendJet One. Offering recipes and tips, make sure to take a look at their website and get your smoothie on the go now!

Brilliant Brow Gel by Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter aims to not only bring you quality products but very safe ones as well. Now at 1,800 ingredients, they will never use in their products, you are sure to have the best products for your skin.A Also, a sustainable brand, Beauty Counter sets the bar high for future brands! They have a large variety of products to pick from for both women and men! Here at BELLO, we love their brilliant brow gel that will have you feeling like a new person!


Soft-Matte Bronzing Powder by Vesca Beauty

A community-driven brand, Vesca Beauty ensures that its products are available to everyone. Trust is an important part of their values where they hope to make every one of their customers feel included and heard. THE RESET BEAUTY FUND was implemented to foster permanent change in the beauty industry. “Vesca is committed to investing a minimum of $20,000 toward Black and marginalized artists, content creators and models to elevate Black and marginalized voices in the beauty industry.” With summer here, get sun-kissed with Vesca’s soft-matte bronzing powder!