Photo: Gotham Magazine

Today’s modern world is full of information. Frankly, too much to filter through. Every other TikTok video is a secret you didn’t know, a DIY hack, or advice to better yourself. But who do you trust? That’s where I turn to podcasts. Personally, I listen to everything from what is happening in the Bravo universe, to what my horoscope means for my life this week.  And for my girlies out there, we recommend “Gals on the Go” which ranked #1 in the Fashion and Beauty category on Apple Podcasts. I mean with that accomplishment; I am bound to trust “Gals on the Go” and their hosts over a TikTok video anytime. We were lucky to hear from host Danielle Carolan who shared with us her thoughts on a variety of tips and hacks anyone can use these days.

We thank her for providing valuable insights into self-discovery, personal growth, and navigating the complexities of contemporary life so make sure to listen soon and check out what she has to say below!

Please tell us how you first got started with Gals on the Go Podcast.

Gals on the Go began as a fun outlet for my best friend Brooke and me to discuss our college life while simultaneously managing our social media presence. We documented our college experience while traveling on weekends for digital creator events and brand trips.

With fall approaching quickly, can you tell us your favorite fall styling hacks?

Tights have revolutionized my wardrobe, particularly brown tights! They have a chic and neutral appearance compared to black tights. My go-to outfit consists of a sweater, cute skirt, brown tights, and neutral boots. It’s effortless and stylish to pair different neutral colors, creating a chic and put-together look instantly!

What’s your go-to fitness routine?

I enjoy taking morning walks before starting my day. My goal is to reach a step count of 10-15K each day, depending on the weather in NYC. I also like to attend cardio sculpt and Pilates classes.

How do you manage relationship anxiety?

The simple answer is, you have to let go. You have to trust your partner and know that they love you and care for you, even if they don’t show it in the ways you are expecting. It is important to constantly be communicative so there is no question on how you want to be loved! I recently shared with my boyfriend how much I appreciate getting flowers and now he brings them to me at the top of each week. It is a small gesture that brings me so much joy and affirmation in the relationship.

Any tips on how to protect your mental health while living in this social media-driven world?

It’s important to remember that what others think of you is none of your business. You can easily get caught up in the comments and what they say about you. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to remind yourself that for every negative comment or follower, there are 100 other people who love and admire you. Furthermore, I’ve learned not to take either positive or negative comments too seriously. As long as you are proud of the content you create, no one should stop you!

What are your top favorite beauty products right now?

Glam is having a moment right now and I am so here for it. A couple products that I have been loving right now are: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, and Patrick Ta “She’s Sculpted” bronzer duo!

What’s your current skincare routine?

I start with the Naturally Serious Cold Pressed Peel Pads, Burt’s Bees Vitamin C Serum, Skin Fix Barrier Cream, and Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Eye Patches! My skin always looks so radiant and glowy!

What’s next for Danielle Carolan? 

Expect more fashion-related content from me. I love creating outfit ideas videos and immersing myself more in the fashion scene. I also plan to open up more about vulnerable topics in hopes of my followers relating and feeling validated.