There is a time and a place for everything, sexy selfies included. Granted, that place is not your CV, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to have some smutty fun on your own darn Instagram sometimes. Women’s bodies are works of art, and it’s a shame to keep all those tempting curves covered up all the time.

Let’s be honest, the striptease is an art form. The line between alluring and obscene is a thin one, though. So how can you stay on the right side of it? Read this short guide to find out and start taking smoldering selfies today!

1.              Put on some sexy lingerie
Who said you need to be nude? Leaving something to the imagination is part of the timeless art of seduction! Nothing makes a sexy selfie tickle his senses like some gorgeous lingerie — Obsessive has got some mind blowingly sexy teddies, corsets and babydolls that will have the lucky recipient of your sexy selfie hyperventilating in no time. Not to mention the sight of you wrapped up in a bow like the world’s best present is an image he will have tattooed on his brain forever. Take a look at the gorgeous lingerie sets to find something perfect for you here.

2.              Get in the mood… you know which one
Did you know that the largest sex organ in the human body is actually the human brain? That’s right, no matter what Derek told you. As such, the biggest key to being sexy is FEELING sexy. So get in the mood. So turn on your favourite song — blast Queen Bey’s “Partition” until you are ready to let out your inner Aphrodite, and start taking selfies when you feel goooood and ready. Prefer black to pink and dark to light? Put on Marilyn Manson’s “Eat Me, Drink Me” and feel the freak flow through you.

3.              The right clothes will hide every flaw
Almost every woman has a few insecurities about her body, which on one hand makes sense, because none of us are perfect, but on the other hand makes absolutely no sense at all because, well…none of us are perfect. Not to mention that you being confident enough to even take a sexy selfie in the first place adds approximately 100 points to your smoking hotness. Seriously. Ask any man, I’ll wait.

But if you’re still feeling a little insecure, rest assured that the right outfit can hide any flaw. Feel like your belly is a tad too jiggly? Wear a corset. Wish the girls were a bit perkier? Put on a push-up bra. Feel like your butt is a bit too flat? Put on a tiny little skirt and arch your back just enough to get a glimpse of it peeking out from underneath. Nobody can resist that.

It’s the 21st century — don’t let anyone tell you what you can do with your body! As long as you feel comfortable with it, anything goes. So to quote the Sugababes’ decade-old classic: go ahead, toast it up and take it down, let’s get sexy right now!