BELLO recently got the chance to sit down with Emmanuelle Constant, the founder and owner of Emmanuelle Blanche: a new wellness spa which just opened its doors! What makes this entrepreneur unique is the Parisian influence Emmanuelle is bringing into Los Angeles while constantly being motivated by her vision and her instincts. After moving to LA from Paris, the city she called home, Emmanuelle realized she couldn’t find one thing in particular she missed: the manual Palper Rouler massage technique. After not being able to receive anything like the massage services she received in Paris, she knew she has to bring the Palper Rouler to the residents of LA. This brought about the creation and vision of the Emmanuelle Blanche wellness center.

The technique will soon become a staple to Los Angeles and in turn Emmanuelle Blanche Wellness Center as it is one that cannot be found anywhere in the LA area. In essence, the technique is a manual massage that reduces the dimpling appearance caused by cellulite. It helps cleanse toxins stored in fat cells, promotes dimensional loss and allows the fascia (connective tissues) to move freely with more elasticity. A one time treatment won’t do the trick to get rid of cellulite but after a few treatments, guests are seeing the difference that makes it so very special.

From what we were told: “You will feel awesome from the inside out! Your skin will glow, your jeans glide on and your self-confidence will shine”

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. How can we best know you as?

A: My second life started a year and a half ago when I moved from Paris to LA. I am a 44-year-young mother to a lovely daughter.  I met my fiancé two and a half years ago in Paris, the city of love.  He is the reason I moved to LA :).  I quit everything in Paris and started over in LA.  A new life with new goals and new challenges…

Q: How did you start and create the revolutionary brand and company of Emmanuelle Blanche?

A: I got Palper Rouler messages for 15 years in Paris.  When I arrived in LA, it was impossible to find this kind of massage.  I was surprised! LA, the city of wellness, healthy foods and fitness.  I can’t live without this wellness routine, it’s a matter of balance, a way of life.  So, voilà! I decided to start this business naturally I took the name of the brand I always wanted to create.

Q: What are some services you will provide to your guests?

A: At the moment, my business is dedicated solely to Palper Rouler massage. The technique needs a lot of training as it is completely tailored and personalized for each client. In order to target each zone appropriately, I offer my clients the use of a 3D body scanner.  In the future, I want to start working on a facial treatment.

Q: What makes the brand different than any other wellness spa?

A: As I have a background in fashion, I’m naturally curious about art. I decided to show my coups de coeur (favorites) in my boutique and gallery.

Q: What motivates you? How did you get to where you are at?

A: I always share my beauty and wellness secrets with the women I meet. This business is based on this spirit.  I’ve always been inspired by meeting people, the wanderlust, the desire to explore new cultures, new landscapes… my motivation is a well-balanced life between my work and my personal life, between my cravings, my wellness and my responsibilities.

Q: In 2018, the possibility for young professionals to pursue their dreams and goals is ever present. What are some words of advice you can give to today’s youth as an entrepreneur yourself?

A: When you decide to start a business you go all out, the worst that can happen is you get it wrong, and so what? You’ll start over and do better. You need to surround yourself with good, kind, strong and qualified people because it’s really the most important thing when you start. And above all, don’t forget to remain true to your vision!

Q: What is a quote of inspiration that you live by? This can either be a quote someone else has created or it can be a creation of your own.

A: ‘Don’t worry, if it’s supposed to happen, it will!’ I believe in the power of attraction, if you are able to feel what you want, it will happen, sometimes is not in the way we thought but it will happen! And, ‘don’t wait to be happy, it’s today and now.’ I can’t stand people who say that they will be happy when this or that will happen, who knows, it may never happen. You should enjoy the process of every day 🙂

The Emmanuelle Blanche wellness spa is now open at 729 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Guests looking to experience the Palper Rouler can set up appointments at