Date night tonight? There are dozens of things you can do to get and keep his or her attention throughout the day and we’re about to reveal exactly what those things are. Keep reading to learn how to seduce your partner in even the smallest ways that’ll keep them salivating for you all throughout the day.

1. Send Sexy Texts

If you’ve never sent a sexy text to your partner, now’s the time to get good at it. If you want to get their hearts and minds racing, send them a sext that tells them exactly what you plan to do to them. And tell them what you want them to do to you in the most sensual, playful way possible. Remember to be yourself, but if this isn’t exactly your area of expertise, it’s OK to get some sexting inspiration.

2. Show Them What They’re Getting Later

More of a shower than a teller? Send them a link to an online lingerie shop you’re currently scrolling. Stores like 3Wishes even have sexy Halloween costumes if you really want to mix things up. You could send a follow-up text explaining why you’re sending them the link, or you could just say something simple such as “tonight’s attire.”

3. Leave a Sexy Gift For Them

Remind your partner of what they can expect later by leaving them a sexy gift, such as:

  • Edible body paint
  • Therapeutic couple vibrator massager
  • Tuxedo boxers (tip: get a matching maid uniform)
  • Position of the Day playing cards
  • Intimate Getaway Kit (filled with travel-sized naughty treats like warming lotion, a feather, and more)
  • A sexy bowtie and cuffs
  • A blindfold
  • A whip

Whatever gift you choose, make sure that it’s a good choice for the dynamic of your relationship with your partner. For example, you wouldn’t want to use this time to introduce a new concept that you haven’t yet talked about. Otherwise, it could end in a particularly awkward night.

4. Prepare a Sexy Dance Routine & Send a Clip

Think you’ve got all the right sexy moves to drive your partner wild? Put it on tape and send him a snippet. Then, let him know he’s going to get a little bit more once he gets back home. Make sure you’re wearing the lingerie you just bought and that you get the moves just right. Maybe you could find a sexy dance you like from a music video and emulate that.

5. Find Little Ways to Touch Them

If your partner is home with you throughout the day, find little ways to touch them. Gently brush your breasts against his arm as you pass by or grab his butt as you walk past. Find a way to get some contact with his body in a small way. The goal is to be intimate, flirty, and fun. If you both work from home, this could keep things interesting.

Flirting Your Way Through the Day Successfully

Now that you know how to flirt throughout the day to prepare for date night with your partner, you can start shopping for what you need to make the night one neither of you will ever forget. Start with the perfect lingerie and go from there.