Reportedly circulating within the world of fashion and beauty—one of fashion’s most celebrated yet enigmatic trendsetters Kanye West, has recently filed a trademark for beauty and skincare products via his globally popular YEEZY brand.

Adding to his reign of shoe and streetwear design, the 43-year old designer and entrepreneur included a variety of products within his trademark—all which can be categorized under beauty and skincare: makeup, false eyelashes, facial masks, nail polish, moisturizers, bath gels, body oils, shaving cream, hair products, and perfumes. 

Other hygiene items like toothpaste, deodorant, and essential oils used for aromatherapy will also hopefully receive a YEEZY print as well.

This isn’t the first time that Mr. West has tried to add his mark to the growing industry that is makeup, health, and cosmetics. In a similar notion back in 2017, Kanye West tried to launch a trademark via his DONDA brand of cosmetics, but unfortunately it never happened.

Photo: Instagram

By Matt Koger