Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The iPhone might not be a cheap phone with the iPhone 7 still commanding a high price and the iPhone X costing in the region of $1,149.00 in the US, making Apples baby the most expensive smartphone on the market today.

And if you are fortunate to be able to afford one thenit is quite probable that you will also want to ‘dress’ it with something particular to you. This need for us to make our phones personal to us not only through the apps we use but also with the cover we choose is as important as the model we finally decide to buy.

Choosing the right apps to suit your lifestyle really does make the inside of your kit totally personalised. For instance, I love to find new bingo sites in the UK¬†for a few reasons, one of them being that I use the chat feature to catch up with family and friends at the same time as enjoying some great games action. Today’s online bingo sites also offer a full range of other popular games like slots and casino games so I am never short of choice.

Once you have chosen your apps its then time to tell the world who you are and this has led to a multitude of smartphone covers from the more reasonably priced to those that only the super-rich can afford.

For about $239 you can buy yourself a crystal-covered case from Swarovski for ultimate bling as the whole case is covered with varying shapes of Swarovski crystals.

If Gucci is your favourite designer then you could grab yourself a Gucci Crocodile case for around $495. The case is actually made out of an alligator skin and makes the phone weather resistant (far more so that cow skin) and of course you are also paying for the famous name of Gucci.

Another for the ladies is the Iguana-effect leather case from Doce & Gabbana which will set you back a hefty $895. Made out of 90% calf skin this beautiful iPhone case had a ton of bling on the back and can be purchased in a range of colours.

Moving well up the market we find the Titanium case from Brikk which will cost an amazing $7995, so it’s definitely out of many iPhone owners price range. Using 24k gold this stylish case in one of the classic collection. You can actually pay up to an astounding $1.3 million for a case in the Bespoke Collection, so these cases appeal to those that have that type of cash to spend on accessories.

When speaking of bespoke, one lady ordered a Gold-plated Trump case from Goldgenie which cost her $151,000. The case is made out of 24k gold, has diamonds encrusted on it and also has the current US president emblazoned on the case too. Obviously, a fan!

But for the ultimate in blind and style are the Dragon and Spider from Anita Mai Tan. The Dragon phone case is made of 18k white gold and has 32 diamonds decorating 75% of its body, and then there is the 3D blinking Dragon that is embedded on the back of the case. Not only is the case simply wonderful to look at its also incredibly expensive and will set you back $880,000.