We all believe in something whether it be a higher power, mathematics, spiritual guides, and more. What they all have in common is the sense of having faith in something which gives us a purpose, self-motivation. When times get tough, we tend to turn to that special thing or person to fill ourselves with love, light, and strength. We have a sort of “aha moment.” For Intuitive Speaker, Coach & crystal Jewelry maker, Jazznea Smith, it was after a near-death experience of acute pancreatitis that she had her “aha” moment. She was led to place a crystal on the area that hurt and was miraculously healed listening to God’s instructions. Her purpose in life is to help listen and heal the world and others, so read on and discover a sense of self-love like no other.

Interview by Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites
Intuitive Beaute @intuitivebeaute, Website

Share with us your spiritual journey up until now. What has shaped who you are today?

Through several spiritual awakenings, I became more conscious and aware of the choices I made in my life. I came to a fork in the road with my health and was able to heal myself using holistic remedies like a crystal and binaural frequencies. If you see that something works you keep doing it so from that day forward I listened to Gods instructions and started making choices based on that.

You have been through a near-death experience in life that changed your course forever. Can you speak more on that and in what ways it was a blessing in disguise? Why do you believe you were chosen to survive it?

I found myself laying in a hospital bed on a clear liquid diet. I was only 25 years old and it was a month before my birthday. I was told that their wasn’t any medications to cure acute pancreatitis. So I did the only thing I could do which was pray. I mustered up a belief system that I knew God had better planned for me. I heard God speak to me and I took action. I played a binaural frequency while meditating or some would say praying and I started to convince myself that I was healed and that the crystal was absorbing the illness and healing my body. Sure enough the next day my doctor came in and informed me that I was improving; I had only shared what I had done with my ex husband at the time. The instructions told me to do it until I saw complete healing and I was disobedient, I didn’t do it the next day and the doctors came in stating that the number were going back up. From that day forward I followed Gods instructions until I was able to go home and even when I went home I still did it if I felt a twinge of pain in that area. I believe I was chosen to survive it became I have a higher calling and a pure heart. God needed to take me through that experience to understand what God truly was and to explain it to everyone.

What was your purpose in life prior to it? And after?

I believe my purpose has always been intuitive speaking. For as long as I can remember I’ve definitely had many situations where I channeled messages and wondered to myself what happened. I wouldn’t remember what was stated. My past career was a hairstylist and makeup artist, but even then clients would come to my suite just to talk with me. I am currently an Intuitive Speaker, Coach & crystal Jewelry maker.

Describe to us what your Podcast is about and what you hope your audience gets out of it.

My podcast is a comfy space on a big sofa that snuggles you while you chat with your closest friends about everything under the sun. Everything is spiritual, mental then physical so we relate any topics to spirituality and make it make sense. Many of my listeners leave with tools. It’s always been a mission of mine to actually give people realistic tools they can apply in their lives immediately after listening. Everything in life is simple we just make it harder.

In what ways do you tap into your higher self? Do you set positive affirmations?

I tap into my higher self by first going in solitude. I allow myself to become an observer of how I feel and what I am thinking. I set positive intentions all day long. I speak and command positive outcomes in all situations.

What are some tips you could give to our readers in regards to self-love/care?

Reaching a point that is bigger than ourselves? Self love starts within. You can put makeup on, but you still have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror. Having the same level of confidence as when you had the full face of makeup is important for keeping your self love at a healthy level. The point that’s bigger than ourselves comes when we learn that we are all a reflection of God. No one reflection is greater than the other. God is everything and God is beautiful.

For those going through depression, how can they relieve the pain, anxiety, and stress?

Depression is the body’s way of saying we are tired of putting on a mask. I heal myself of depression by allowing myself to be free to express myself and identify myself as based on me and not the influence of others. Be yourself and you’ll find that your much happier. Embrace all of you the good and the ugly parts. Everything has a balance of both so no one is supposed to be all good or all bad each aspect of self is needed to thrive in life.

Let’s face it, most of us want to find love, our soulmate. How can we manifest this?

Manifesting a soulmate is simply deciding that what you want to attract and becoming it. If you are true to yourself then you would attract someone you actually like. If you are wearing a mask then you’ll find that once it falls of it’s harder to keep the relationship sometime so save yourself some time and just be yourself the rest will fall into alignment. I also made a YouTube video explaining more in detail here: https://youtu.be/IrrdWdVkkHc

How can empaths thrive through COVID-19? Can you elaborate more on it?

Empaths can thrive by taking time to disconnect from others and connect to God. Connecting with God will fill you up with the energy you need to interact with other people during these uncertain times.

Who/what has helped heal you through difficult times?

God is everything so I believe god uses people, music, numbers, psychic abilities, animal symbolism and so much more to help us through good and bad times so I believe God has shown expression of help by using all of the above.

Share with us something about yourself most people do not know. 

Most people don’t know that I’ve always known that I had certain abilities. I would imagine that I was rocking my body back and forth. I would sit super still and make my body rock left and right or back and forth like a pendulum with my mind’s eye and focus.

To those who are “skeptics,” what would you tell them about these different tools/practices to motivate them to take a second look?

I say we are all aware and can relate that their are many different ways to skin a cat. For lack of better words their is often times many different set of directions that would lead you to the same destination. Some take a little longer then others; overall I use to have a fear of upsetting God. I overcame that fear with my curiosity of wanting to know how to serve God and explore how other did as well. I came to the conclusion that everyone is getting to the same destination based on certain life choices that are good or bad. The most successful people took time to study other successful people and they all have several things in common; they all have different upbringings, different belief systems and different purposes, but they all take time to nourish their spiritual, mental and physical health.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years, my nonprofit would have helped over 1,000’s children and adults across the world view well-being as a necessity and not something we’ll deal with when it pauses our entire life.