You have heard of going on a dinner date, or going on a romantic stroll during the evening, but have you ever considered going on a date in a casino? This could be a perfect alternative to doing a ‘regular’ date and can spice things up a little. Going to a casino can be much more fun when you are with someone else as opposed to being there alone. You also want to make sure that whenever you go to a casino, it is genuinely to just have a bit of fun and that you should not carry on going if you lose the joy in it. Here are some things to consider when you are getting dressed for your casino date. 

A Classy Outfit

If you really want to get in the casino vibe and act as though you are in a movie like ‘Casino Royale’, why not dress the part too? This could be a really fun idea, particularly if you are going on a date. It may also make the whole thing feel much more formal, meaning you will find it easier to concentrate on the games that you are playing. Sometimes, good luck is helped by a shot of adrenaline. Ideas for a classy outfit to wear would be a black suit with a bow tie or a regular tie, or a slinky dress. If you really want to go for the ‘bond girl’ look, a red long dress with a cowl neck is a classic option. Alternatively, take inspiration from a favourite game, such as the Geisha Story slots game. Use the references to Japanese culture and try some hair accessories like Japanese hair pins.

A Small Bag To Carry Valuables 

Firstly, you want to be able to have something small that you can carry around and keep by your side at all times. It is possible that the casino may have a cloakroom where you can keep any of your possessions, however, it is probably best to leave anything you don’t need at home. If going to the casino is the main part of your date, then this shouldn’t be too hard – however, if you are coming from elsewhere then you will be more likely to have additional items with you. The best way to go about this is to bring a bag that goes across your body – these are usually large enough to fit a phone, keys and wallet, which is essentially all you would need if going to the casino.

Something Warm To Wear 

People often really get into casino games and end up staying there much longer than they originally expected. Even if you are unsure whether this is the case with your date, it is worth bringing something along which will keep you warm. If you are wearing a classy outfit, make sure your ‘warm’ addition doesn’t ruin its aesthetic – if you are wearing a dress, then a pashmina could be a great add on.

A ‘Lucky’ Piece Of Jewellery 

If you want luck to be on your side, why not wear a ‘lucky’ piece of jewellery? Even if you have never previously regarded any particular piece of jewellery as ‘lucky’, you probably have a few pieces that are sentimental or comforting. For example, a piece of jewellery given to you by a family member or a friend would be a good option to wear on a casino evening. Sometimes, if a jewellery piece has given you luck even once – such as passing a driving test, or an exam, it will feel normal to start wearing it every time you have to do something that might be a bit nerve-wracking.

A Smart Pair Of Shoes 

The final essential addition to your outfit is your shoes. If you are wearing a suit, some black smart boots or lace-up ‘suit shoes’ will be perfect. If you are wearing a dress, then heels could be a safe option; however, if you aren’t great at walking in them for a long period then some flats may be more appropriate. ‘Smart’ doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable and if you can combine the two then it is a win-win! It could be worth looking up your casino destination before going, as a fancy casino may have a specific dress code that you will be expected to adhere to.

This year, make up for the lost time we have had in lockdown and make your dates as fun and creative as you can. Going out for a meal is a great option if you want to dress up, but a casino is another fun thing to do if you feel like wearing your fancy dress. You could even combine the two to make the evening more dynamic and have a change of location partway through.

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