CTZN Cosmetics does not simply aim to provide great makeup: it aims to bring people together. When creating their different products, they ensure that they are using cruelty free formulas that are strictly paraben free, talc free and vegetarian. They even go vegan when possible and would like to eventually certify their products as kosher and halal. During their first campaign, they showcased images of  seven models of varying ethnic backgrounds and genders; promoting their idea of unity and beauty.

They have just released a new cosmetics collection which includes the NUDIVERSAL Lip Duo and the GLOBALM. These two products will enhance the natural beauty of your lips! Nudiversal Lip Duo is available in 25 shades of nude and feature a matte lipstick on one end and a translucent lip gloss on the other. Infused with mango butter, it’s purpose it to repair dry lips while the lip gloss creates “balm-like softness.” 

Globalm,the multi-purpose dewy non-sticky balm plays a variety of roles: lip balm, highlight and/or eye gloss. You can find it in two different shades: Clear and/or Pearl. The clear being a colorless balm while the pearl gives off a more sparkly highlights thanks to the added pigmented simmer. It can shine anywhere on your face!

    “We’ve worked tirelessly perfecting these formulas to ensure we had a nude lipstick shade for every skin tone—no more mixing required,” said Naseeha Khan, Co-Founder and Head of Product Curation, who is also a certified makeup artist. “We’ve also developed a ‘Get Matched’ tool on our website, to help shoppers navigate shade matching right from their computer or phone.”

CTZN Cosmetics was born during a shopping experience in a major beauty retailer and has continued growing since. Their products are natural and will allow you to accentuate your lip feature anytime, anywhere. Get your CTZN product today! Now available for purchase online in North America and Europe: ctzncosmetics.com.

By Alexandra Bonnet