Fans have been long awaiting new music from pop-R&B icon Rihanna, but instead, last week she released her self titled “visual autobiography.” Rihanna is unsurprisingly as extra as the singer herself, weighing in at 15 pounds and 15 inches tall. Rihanna has dominated every field she has entered- from music, to fashion, to business, and now she claims her spot as a published “author.” Author is in quotations because Rihanna didn’t necessarily write an autobiography, but she did curate a book of over 1,000 photos from her exciting life. Only Rihanna would know to how to create the perfect book for the digital age of Instagrammers.

For fans looking for a behind the scenes look at her life or collectors looking for a new edition to their coffee table, Rihanna caters to all. The Grammy-award winner spent the last 5 years curating this autobiography published by Phaidon and in partnership with the Haas Brothers. It is now available in multiple different luxe versions which can include marble pedestals and other Rihanna-esque accessories. The pages are covered in professional-grade photography bursting in color and bursting with high fashion, celebrities, and exclusive events.

The 504-page book dives deep into the life of the beloved megastar, and most of these photos have never been published. We get to see the childhood of a young Robyn Fenty living in Barbados, behind-the-scenes of Met Gala looks, visit the studio where she recorded Grammy-winning albums, and follow her on her journey to launching Fenty Beauty. Rihanna is one of the most accomplished women in the spotlight, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in her new autobiography, Rihanna.

By Sonja Grunfeld