From music to makeup, and ‘Rare’ the album to ‘Rare Beauty’. Selena Gomez has announced her first makeup line!

The singer released her third solo album last month, and yesterday tweeted out that her makeup line will be coming to Sephora stores in North America as early as this summer. Gomez says that she’s been working on ‘Rare Beauty’ for two years. 

Gomez wanted to make her makeup line about accepting who you are and finding the beauty in your imperfections. ‘Rare Beauty’ is about being rare and unique. In an Instagram post the brand quoted Gomez saying, “You are not defined by a photo, a like, or a comment.” The Instagram page used to be a page promoting her ‘Revival’ tour, and when the Instagram name changed to ‘rarebeauty’ fans began to speculate. 

Gomez has been a beauty icon since her Disney days, so a makeup line is definitely on-brand for her. We’re excited to see the products she releases!


By Shannen Tierney

Photo:Jon Kopaloff/Getty