Hello to all my fashionista’s out there!

Have you all been staying creative during this quarantine? Hear me when I say this, I know how difficult it is to tame your inner style and design beast right now. Personally, I find myself inspired by pastel colors found outdoors, so I definitely empathize with you. Nevertheless, without being able to go outside, I’ve resorted to watching all sorts of tv shows that are related to fashion, design, or style to merely keep my brain constantly thinking and learning about new techniques.

Lately, I have been obsessed with the Amazon Original, ​Making the Cut.

If you were a fan of ​Project Runway​, then the tone and overall style of the show may be one you are already familiar with.

The show starts with just twelve designers as they compete week after week by designing collections that best fit and relate to the challenge of the week. Some of the challenges have included designing clothes that are appropriate for streetwear, to creating an extremely graceful Haute-Couture like look.

With so many designers and styles to watch from, I cannot help but find myself becoming increasingly inspired.

Make sure to check out Amazon’s ​Making the Cut.

Photo: Instagram

By Matt Koger