By now you must have a few songs in a constant loop coming from the different quarantine Tik Toks. Some of them…although repetitive also get catchy and make you want to get up and dance! We are stuck at home so why not dance like no one is watching? I mean okay yeah no one is in fact watching but you get the idea! Well, Aime-Moi Sneakers is Parisian and carries all the features you want in a sneaker.

“Aime-Moi” Sneakers is is a new French luxury sneaker brand made for the “sneaker lovers.” They have just launched their first limited collection EVER.

To make it even more interesting, all sneakers are numbered and unisex.

Everyone who loves sneakers will fall in love with this brand.
Style and comfort are key as the weightless shoes will leave you gliding as you walk.

As the designer, Kevin Kragbe, says: “Aime-Moi reflects a Parisian style, with the French touch that everyone envies oh so much; relaxed, fresh, classy, and innovative”

So check out their website and get your pair today…

By Alex Marie