We know, summer has arrived; and now that most of our outdoors hangouts (like the beach or practically anywhere that’s not inside) are back open to the public, you may feel the need to have your body looking the best it can be (and no worries, we don’t blame you). 

Check out some of our favorite beauty brands, and look to see if there’s a product that best suits your needs. With eight amazing companies featured in today’s guide, you’re bound to find a lotion, brush, ointment, mask, color, or concealer that is a perfect gift for yourself or a friend!


First up, is the Swedish-based FOREO, whose well known reputation of presenting clean and memorable beauty and skincare products, has managed to launch the company into an already successful start within the beauty and wellness industry (with just seven years under their belt)!

Based out of Sweden, the company ships globally, and provides some of the best essentials for getting the most out of your everyday skincare routine. Their commitment toward clean, efficient skincare has managed to allow the company to create their popular line of LUNA technology facial / skin brushes, masks, and toothbrushes. But what makes their brand of brushes so unique, is the influence of science and technology—all which have been confirmed to have positive benefits for the skin. 

Foreo’s LUNA skin cleansing system sends Transdermal Sonic pulsations, or T-Sonic for short (across the surface of the skin), in order to provide a deep, spa-like exfoliation that is even gentle enough for everyday use. Each brush also comes equipped with their anti-aging technology, which channels lower frequency pulsations that can even reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles when applied to wrinkle-prone areas.

In case a brush isn’t what you are looking for, they also provide a revolutionary line of facial masks branded the UFO, that makes use of the skin’s natural reactions to heat and cold (via their own Hyper Infused Technology and T-Sonic Pulsations), to ensure your skin glows and shines as radiant as possible. You can even download their Foreo for You app, and create a unique personalized experience by setting a skin profile, and receive expert beauty tips and advice about which UFO Activated Mask is best for you.



Make sure to head on over to FOREO to check out some of their game changing beauty and skincare products.

Trophy Skin

Trophy Skin is a pioneer in delivering affordable medspa technology, all without the hassle of having to actually go to a traditional Medical Spa and pay some of those ridiculous fees. Not only do customers love this brand for their outstanding premium beauty tools that enhance the beauty of your skin and boost your natural confidence—but the uncomplicated way that the brand chooses to do (all while within the comforts of your own home). 

Their light therapy kits, one for anti-aging and one for acne, emit specific wavelengths of light to either boost collagen production or treat acne. Officially named the RejuvaliteMD, the LED light panel utilizes 4 UV-free wavelengths including red, yellow, amber, and infrared, in order to stimulate skin restoration and collagen production safely and effectively. With just as little as five minutes a day for a few times per week, Trophy Skin’s RejuvaliteMD can stimulate the production of collagen, reduce inflammation, and even improve your skin’s natural tone and texture.

 For a more hands on experience, their Mini Microdermabrasion System is perfect for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, and eliminating dead skin cells. It’s unique diamond tip is made with real diamonds, and is crystal-free—so it’s built to last, and scrapes and sucks away even the most stubborn dead skin cells.

Once you set your mode to either beginner (or a level you feel that best fits the condition of your skin), gently apply the diamond tipped brush toward your skin, and be amazed at how much unwanted dead skin cells that are revealed.


You might not be able to make it to the spa right now, but you can treat yourself at home with anyone of Trophy Skin’s Med Spa-like quality products. Make sure to visit their website to discover more about Trophy Skin’s medical grade beauty products. 

Volo Beauty

When it comes to taking great care of your hair, towel drying is often the most important. Wet hair is vulnerable hair, and a traditional bath towel causes hair breakage and tugs on your scalp as you rough dry your hair. Don’t fret, we found just the proper solution for you.

The VOLO Hero Quick Dry Towel is here to change that. Its microfiber material is soft and plush, making it extremely absorbent and much gentler on your luscious locks. And by making use of its microfiber construction, Volo’s towel absorbs more water than others, decreasing your dry time by 50%. 

Originally offering just one color in Cloud Pink, the beloved brand also just recently announced a new addition to the line: the LUNA GRAY, which is currently available to purchase online at the VOLO webstore.


ESK uses the best ingredients that science has to offer, in order to present a skin care product that prides itself on slowing and reversing the process of aging. Based in Australia, their team of doctors, dermatologists, and scientists are dedicated to being cruelty free, avoiding all known parabens and toxins, while still refraining from using perfumes and other synthetic fragrances.

Formulated using key active ingredients, their products provide visible results in anti-aging and in improving skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and pigmentation.

ESK’s Rosacea Kit uses evidence-based ingredients which reduce inflammation and calm Rosacea by protecting and hydrating your skin. The Vitamin A included in the kit has been proven to strengthen collagen production and reduce wrinkles. Just recently, they’ve updated the Rosacea kit, which now includes their new B Quenched moisturizer. As it’s formulated with Vitamin B3, the B Quencher repairs and enhances your skin’s barrier function, helping it retain more moisture.

If you experience any form of acne, their Acne Kit uses ingredients which help reduce acne by rebalancing the skin’s natural oil production to reduce excessive oil. The kit also includes the new B Calm moisturizer that calms the skin by reducing inflammation and keeping it moisturized.


If you find yourself in need of products to support these specific conditions, make sure to visit their website at https://www.eskcare.com/.

Pure Inventions

What if we told you glowing skin was as easy as turning your water into a berry lemonade? Well with products by Pure Inventions, it is! 

Founded in 2003 by lifelong friends Lynne Gerhards and Lori Mulligan—both certified Clinical Nutritionists and Nutritional Consultants, Pure Inventions is a revolutionary line of liquid extracts that is dedicated to promoting beauty and wellness from within. Their drops contain skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid to help your skin be the best it can be. Now when life gives you lemons, you can drink your way to beautiful skin instead!

Their line of wellness boosting drops extend to products such as coconut water (30 servings), green teas (60 servings), and super fruit drinks (60 servings), and are all crafted to improve the health of your skin and body.


Check them out at https://www.pureinventions.com/, now.

Fizz & Bubble 

Fizz & Bubble has taken the bathing experience to an entirely new level. The sweet and fun loving company has successfully embarked on a mission to turn your bath time from boring into fab. The company has made a name for creating delicious looking bath bombs, soaps, lotions, and scrubs that seriously look good enough to eat (no really). 

The company was founded by Kimberly Mitchell in 2008, and ever since her first delicious “scent-sational” bath treat sold, she knew that sweet treats and bath products were a winning deal. Since then, she has turned her bath treats into a line of Bubble Bath Cupcakes, Body Frosting Lotions, Whipped Soaps, Lip Scrubs, Face Mask Frostings, and even Hand Sanitizers that smell like birthday cake (just to name a few). 

But don’t let their fun and cute design fool you, these products are also a win for your skin as well. Fizz & Bubble uses easy to understand ingredients in all of their products—this includes their famous proprietary 8-Oil Blend that consists of the following: Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape-seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil.




Visit Fizz & Bubble to have a look at their delicious looking (but non edible) bathing and skincare products.

PUCA—Pure and Care

PUCA—Pure & Care is a line of premium luxurious wellness products at a surprisingly affordable price. With collagen serums for just $10, and eye masks for under $3, PUCA – PURE & CARE has products for any and all of your budgets.

Although the brand is paraben, silicon, and cruelty-free, there’s more to its identity than the eco-friendly, scientifically-certified formulas it uses. PUCA – PURE & CARE values beauty, freedom, and innovation, when creating its products for the skin, hair, and body. Using and mixing the best ingredients that science and nature has to offer, you get the most effective and affordable products that are simply out of the ordinary.

The website has plenty of options to choose from—so no need to worry if you don’t have your mind set on something just yet, once you’ve spent 5 minutes on their site, we promise that something will catch your eye. 


Order one of their face masks, creams, oils, or serums today.

Hue for Every Man

Ladies, are you tired of having to look at your man’s unkempt, and poorly groomed face (and no worries if you prefer the grizzly look, we all have a preference)? Well, feel embarrassed no more, because Hue for Every Man has the perfect solution for your relationship.

What makes Hue for Every Man so amazing, is that they offer quality grooming products, but just for him! That’s right, men only. So no more of your man saying, “Babe, this is yours” or “I’m not gonna use that, it’s for girls.” Nope. He has no reason now to deny the superstar beard that you (we mean he) wants to have!

Co-owned and represented by NBA superstar Matt Barnes, this amazing line of skin and hair care products for men does not use toxic ingredients such as petroleum, silicone or synthetics. Due to the fact that people of African, Asian, Latin, and Middle Eastern descent have specific hair and skin care needs, products for these cultures tend to use plenty of the above mentioned chemicals.

Hue for Every Man is crafted by people of color, and made for people of color, yet the wonderful lack of negative additives in the product allows it to work for males of all cultural identities.


Gift your boyfriend, husband, or father with one of their amazing products today.


Photo: Website

By Matt Koger