Los Angeles-based artist Zac Greer recently dropped his debut album ‘For the Hell of It’ and to say I’m impressed would be an understatement. I’ve been following the Arizona native for a few years now, and he has continuously put himself on the map, mainly through self promotion on TikTok, amassing almost 100k followers. Fans like myself have long awaited a debut album after years of singles and the occasional EP, and the 20 year old didn’t disappoint. Zac stays true to his pop roots on the project, but experiments with some sounds he doesn’t usually use, such as distorted heavy production reminiscent of Frank Ocean on the track ‘Brain Freeze’ and electronic funk sounds heard on ‘Dontletmego’. This is a testament to the young artist’s growth throughout his career and this debut project is his opportunity to put the entirety of his musical talents on full display. Below is my analysis of some of my favorite songs off of the 12 track album.


One of the 5 singles preceding the album, I knew ‘Alive’ would be on my playlist immediately after I initially heard it. The second track on the album has all of the attributes a classic Zac Greer song has – pop-forward, a catchy beat, and catchy vocals. It’s just one of those songs that you can blast in your car, sing every lyric, and really enjoy life.

Brain Freeze

Like I mentioned before, ‘Brain Freeze’ is not the typical Zac Greer song in terms of production. Contrasting the usual lively beats he uses, he chooses a more melancholic sound. Production and effects also play a major role in the track, whether it’s the distorted backing adlibs or the bassy 808’s. The aforementioned influence of Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ is very prominent. This isn’t unexpected, however, as Zac is known to be a huge fan of the album and credits it as one of his top 3 favorite albums of all time. To me, this song encapsulates the reason I waited for Zac to drop an album. This isn’t necessarily one of those hits you hear as a single, but a track that will definitely be one of the most appreciated as the album ages.


Possibly my favorite track on the album, this song jumps right into maybe the catchiest hook on the whole project. It’s mellow, but easily screamable at high speeds. It’s true to his pop roots, but isn’t as upbeat as his other tracks. It’s catchy, but has a sad undertone to it. Maybe it’s the grainy sound, the catchy hook, or the fact that the song is about leaving a girl you love to pursue your dreams, but this song just hits so hard for me.


Another pop track on the album, ‘Pda’ is similar to other hits on the album for catchy vocals and beats. However, ‘Pda’ has some attributes that I really love that sets it apart from other tracks. First, Zac uses his falsetto voice on the hook and it brings something different to the song that I enjoy. Also, he raps during the second verse of the track. He used to rap a lot on his earlier tracks from a few years ago and it’s refreshing and nostalgic to see him incorporate it on ‘Pda’.


The final track on the album, ‘Blue’ is a perfect closer to a great debut album. Separated into two distinct sections, I personally enjoy the latter section, although the first one is great too. There’s different effects on the latter section, as it sounds more raw, almost like we’re in the studio with him. Lacking a defined structure, it’s once again a testament that Zac can make more than merely pop hits. ‘Blue’ feels like an end to a story, in part because it actually is, but also due to the raw and vulnerable nature of the track.