You have the ring on your finger, the wedding destination has been chosen, and the flowers are on backorder, so you feel that you’re prepared for the big day. 

You’ve filled out the wedding registry together, but the one thing you haven’t done is choose your wedding dress. Since that’s on the bride, you need to know there are a few wedding dress shopping etiquette tips you need to follow, especially if you’re purchasing your dress from a wedding salon. Turns out, they have some pretty strict rules. 

Choose Your Entourage Carefully

Don’t feel obligated to invite everyone from your bridesmaids to your friends to every female member of your family and his go dress shopping with you. If at all possible, limit your group to just less than five people. More than that ends with everyone trying to tell you what the best dress is for you and confusion and hurt feelings all around. Your mom, your sister, your future mother-in-law, and your maid of honor are plenty to take with you. 

Always Avoid Drama 

It’s a fact that the more people you take with you to pick out your wedding dress, the more drama you’re apt to run into. There are bound to be conflicting opinions on everything from price to lace from the people in your group. If one of them doesn’t like a dress you’re thinking of choosing, don’t get offended. Remember, you brought them along for their opinion. The last thing you want is drama in the wedding salon. If it gets too overwhelming, it’s best to end the appointment and come back another day. 

Be On-Time for Your Appointment 

Everyone knows that being on time is important no matter where you’re supposed to be, and that includes your appointment at a wedding salon. Plain and simple, don’t be late, and don’t expect the salon to extend your time if you are. There are other brides who have arrived on time for their appointments, and it’s rude to put them out because you couldn’t be. Besides, being late for your own appointment gives you less time and makes you more rushed when it comes to picking out the perfect wedding gown. 

Be Honest About Your Budget 

It’s super important to be upfront and honest about your budget with the stylist at the beginning of your appointment. First off, you don’t want to try on gowns and fall in love with one that you can’t ever afford. Second, you don’t want to waste the stylist’s time that way. An experienced stylist will be able to pull out dresses that are within your price range. Dresses that you’re sure to love. Talk about the budget from the beginning so you are happy with your choice and still well within your price range no matter what style and location you choose for your big day. 

Stay Off Your Phone 

There’s nothing more disrespectful than being on social media or constantly checking your phone while a stylist is trying to show you wedding dresses. It’s also important to ask the store about their photo policy, as some would prefer no photos be taken and sent across social media platforms. It’s best to just stay off your phone altogether during your appointment. 

These are just a few of the basic rules of etiquette when you’re wedding dress shopping. Your dress is one of the most important parts of your big day, so you want everything to be perfect. Help make that shopping trip a success by following the rules above.