Raising a kid in the digital world of today requires digital ways. Every child uses tabloids and communicates via texting. Even schools have included E-learning in their curriculums using computers and the internet. Parents provide their children with cell phones to keep in touch with them as it’s a fast way of communication. Everyone deserves digital freedom. Giving children free access to the internet can enhance their ability to learn and develop certain skills. At the same time, it’s a nightmare for parents if their child is exposed to content that is beyond his capacity. Parents have to determine how they can save their children from negative effects of the digital world.

It advocates the case of software tools such as parental control app to monitor the activities of your children. Here are the top 5 reasons why it is important to have parental control on your devices.

1. Online Activity Monitoring:

Kids have the habit of flooding their social media with pictures and posts. They have innocent minds and cannot comprehend what should be posted online and shouldn’t be. Grave mistakes can be made, leading to problems for your child. Once, anything is put on the internet, it never really goes away, even if deleted. You can change the privacy settings of your child’s social media accounts. This will allow a limited number of people to watch their posts.

2. Cyber Safety:

Cybercrime is a huge industry ready to exploit internet users through despicable means. They take advantage of not so careful users. The biggest victim of cybercrimes or cyberbullying is children. A child’s brain is constantly developing and learning new things. At this age, they are expected to get trapped and share too much information online easily. They are more accepting of challenges that can be harmful to them and people around them. Through parental control, you can block sites with suspicious content to avoid such exposure of kids.

3. Countering Digital Addiction:

Spending too much time in front of screens leads to addiction of technology. Anyone can be fascinated with the attractions on the internet. However, children have a high probability of getting addicted than adults. Screen time does not only affect the brains of children, but it also affects their physical health. It can lead to poor eyesight, bad posture, and insomnia in kids. It’s your responsibility to indulge your child in healthy activities and limit their time on digital devices.

4. Data Storage:

Since schools have included computers and internet in their curriculum; it has become a habit of children to work online. Sometimes, they forget to save their work, which can waste a lot of time and hard work. Often, your device may malfunction, and all your child’s data would be lost. Teaching your child the importance of saving their work and backing it up is important. Various parental control apps assist you in backing up your child’s work through their storage services.

5. Tracking Location:

Parents are always concerned whenever their kid is outside. Tracking your child provides you with the satisfaction that he/she is safe. Many applications help you track the location of your child through GPS technology providing you peace of mind. Along with location, you can also monitor their texts and calls to know whom they are communicating with. You can also identify their behavioral changes.

Parenting itself is a challenge, and the digital age has contributed its share in it. The parental control can at least make your job easier!