L.A. based pop-rock duo, Voilà, has recently released their music video for “Therapy,” something you will definitely want to check out…Talking about the pain we all feel when going through a breakup, the song will touch a special place in your heart and remind you that you are not alone. The duo works hand in hand as they bring different talents to the table, each catering to their musical abilities! Full of life and vibrance, Voilà has gotten our attention!

Share with us the story of how you become a duo. What was the one thing about each other that drew you to one another? 

Luke: It’s pretty superficial but I was late to a college class and there were only a few open seats and I was like “oh that guy has long hair too he must be cool so I chose to sit down next him” of course this long haired hooligan was Gus and we got to talking about Avicii and ended up writing a song that day after class!

Gus: Musical taste: we loved the same bands and songs!

How does your dynamic work when creating music?

Luke: I am lyric focused and Gus is melody focused! One of us will play some chords on the guitar, then Gus will come up with a melody then I go into my notes app on my phone where I keep my poems and concepts and try to fit one to the melody!

Gus: Luke’s spot on when it comes to concept and the sticky lyric.

Tell us more about your latest release, “Therapy,” and what it means to each of you personally. 

Luke: I liked the idea of in a breakup you don’t just lose the girl you also lose your mind. I like writing songs about taking a little moment in life and expanding it over a 3 minute song. I think the song is that feeling when you call someone and the phone gets to that third or fourth ring and you realize they aren’t answering.

Gus: Totally about losing yourself in someone else! People feel “whole” in relationships but then lost on their own! Therapy in this case would be pertaining to understanding yourself! Most important concept of all!

What were some obstacles you had to overcome while writing it?

Luke: We wrote it with two of our buddies (Kunfetti and Nicopop) because originally that day we were supposed to be writing a song to pitch to another artist. However once we got going it very quickly turned into a VOILA song! So I guess the only obstacle was having to rewrite the parts of the verses that weren’t originally meant to be ours.

Gus: Loved this song from the inception. We wrote it for pitch but the more time we listened to it the more we wanted to put it out ourselves!

How did your song change your lives and that of others?

Luke: No pun intended but songwriting is like therapy! Either you are escaping or you are hitting an issue head on. Hopefully the listener has a similar experience.

Gus: For me the energy on stage for this will be therapeutic: it’s a release!

You have different backgrounds. Can you both tell us a little more about your past?

Luke: I’m from Wisconsin! I grew up liking pop punk and country music. While they sound different they are both very lyric driven. I also loved to read which gave me a love of storytelling. I thought I was going to end up being an author.

Gus: Grew up more classically trained and cut my teeth in theatre & jazz – then completely fell in love with melody and the way electronic music meant that with just a melody you could have a global song. This made me dive deep into production and ultimately producing our own music.

What are some important lessons you learned? 

Luke: Record and write down as many ideas as you have throughout the day whether in the notes app or the voice memo app! It makes it easier when you are writing a song to go back to a pool of ideas to pull from.

Gus: Do more! Be uniquely you even if people have opinions on it you don’t like!

Who has supported each of you the most?

Luke: Being a duo really is the ticket because as each other’s best friends you support each other. Also my mom, my dad (who actually was our guitar tech for a few shows), my girlfriend Kirby, and our friends who always show up at our shows and sing loud which makes it look like we are a bigger deal than we are.

Gus: My life goal is to bring my family to the Grammys! They deserve it for enabling me to go for it musically! I also have a circle of close friends who also are unbelievably loyal and supportive: I love them dearly.

Any advice you would like to give to those reading this?

Luke: If you want to be an artist do a lot of creative stuff! Draw, paint on your clothes, play madlibs, play charades, listen to music you normally wouldn’t, do accents and impressions etc. It’s funny how random things inspire you. Rarely do my ideas come from forcing myself in front of a guitar it’s usually ideas I have in life that I then bring to the studio.

Gus: Find what you’re uniquely suited to and then go all in.

Where do you want to go next?

Luke: I’d like to go to Wisconsin and see my mom! It’s not as cold there now that winter is over which is a plus.

Gus: Wembley Stadium.

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