If you’re a lover of fashion and beauty the shift from summer to fall signals the need to switch up your wardrobe and makeup. While you’re most focused on rocking fashions that speak to your personal style, some of the best inspiration and new ideas come from keeping up with seasonal trends. When it comes to makeup trends for the fall of 2019, you’ll find that there are a lot of classic styles combined with a modern spin. 

Mauve is In

Mauve is one of the perfect colors for transitioning from summer to fall. It’s a very subtle yet attractive color that’s not as deep as traditional fall palates. The best part is it pairs well with anything. Choose a mauve-colored lip, eye, or blush to add to your fall makeup arsenal. 

Deep Lip Color

Dark lip colors are in this fall with a gloss or matte finish. From hues of red and purple to black and blue, there are plenty of colors to experiment with. 

Subtle Shimmer

Over-the-top sparkles might be out of the question this season but a little shimmer here and there can definitely take your look from day to evening in a jiffy. Add glitter strategically into your fall makeup routine. Placing some every so lightly on the eyelid, lips, or cheeks gives you a dramatic yet low-key shine that stands out. 

Deep and/or Neutral Eyeshadow

Whether you’re a minimalist when it comes to applying makeup or you’re a bit bolder and daring, the use of neutral and/or deep tones this fall can work both ways. Using an everyday eyeshadow palette you can create a soft look with hues of brown, tan, and gold, eyeshadow paired with a nude or glossed lip or step things up a notch and incorporate darker hues of purple, burgundy, or brown paired with a deep lip color. 

Neon Eyeliner

Though neon eyeliner became a makeup trend in summer 2019, it seems beauty gurus are carrying this trend into the fall. Giving you just a pop of bold color, adding a neon green, pink, blue, or yellow around the eyes will certainly draw attention. If you’re really feeling bold you can add a more dramatic or graphic effect to your makeup by going with a neon cat-eye or other design above the eyelid. 

Flawless Skin

Here’s a beauty trend that will likely be in style forever – flawless skin. From making lifestyle changes to keep their youthful appearance to going for treatments like facials, women are going to great lengths to achieve that natural glow. Of course, if you’re not quite there yet, there are a number of great foundation products on the market to give you a boost. 

Gloss is Back

Good-bye lipstick hello lip gloss! This year’s fall runways were filled with women wearing a glossy or shimmery lip. If you want to keep with the trends of the season, go with a deeper gloss color pairing it with a more subtle eye color. 

A Hint of Rose

While having rosy cheeks has always been a beauty trend, this year it’s a bit more subtle. You know that hint of redness you get on your face when it’s cold outside? It would appear that this is the trend this fall. Women are opting for a hint of rosiness around the cheeks and pairing it with a soft blush or pink eyeshadow and gloss for a muted but attractive look for day or night. 

Natural Brows

Gone are the days where eyebrows must be neatly trimmed and arched (or drawn on with a pencil). The modern woman is embracing her natural brows this season. All you need is a simple brow brush for grooming and a pencil to fill in any bald or dull areas and you’re ready to go. 

Separated Lashes

You can’t complete a fall makeup trend list without talking about lashes. This season, it is all about bold, full, yet separated lashes. This look is easy to accomplish with the right mascara brush designed to separate the lashes. 

These are the top fall makeup trends from women on the runway, running the household, handling business, or having a great time. Start sifting through your collection of makeup to see which products you have on hand to help you get these looks. If not, you can do some comparative shopping to find great brands that will have you looking effortlessly flawless this fall.