With everything going on recently, travelling has been almost impossible. That summer trip we all longed for may have been put on hold but fear not as Theía, a new restaurant/lounge, brings to you the vacation you deserve! Blending the South of France with Mykonos, as you step into the restaurant you will immediately feel transported to a whole new world. Being French-American I can assure you this is the place you want to go to for a more international feel….something different.

Launched by Max Simon, Theía “aims to provide an alluring ambiance, inventive cocktails menu and innovative food menu.” Well, they succeeded. Offering lunch, dinner, brunch, and all-day cocktails, you can enjoy your little trip around the world at any time! I had the pleasure of having dinner there where I was greeted with hospitality, kindness, and amazing spirits!

The Chef, Moises Placencia,  prepares his food with love and taste. Some of the dishes come with a little “show,” but I will let you see that for yourself. Mixing flavors beautifully, every bite was from heaven as different spices blend together in ways you can’t imagine. The staff was kind and recommended some dishes that truly deserve more credit! A personal favorite is their “Smoky Baba Ganoush”: still dreaming about it! Oh and their cocktails? Just…wow. Whatever type of alcohol you drink, you will find the perfect cocktail for you. Highly recommend the “Purple 75.”

Due to COVID-19, the restaurant stays safe and bring to you an experience like no other. This is going to be the place to be and since it’s opening last week, others seem to agree as they reservations have filled up non-stop! Make sure to get your table and be transported.

By Alexandra Bonnet

For Reservations: hello@theia-la.com


8048 W. 3rd. Street
Los Angeles CA, 90048