Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

The tech market is always booming with new innovations and inventions – it can be hard to keep track of what is just a trend.

Hybrid Smartwatches

The new generation of smartwatches has arrived and they are phenomenal. No longer clunky, chunky and only available in tech-oriented colours and styles, hybrid watches combine the technology of smartwatches with the luxury of traditional timepieces. Both glamorous designers, like Fossiland Kate Spade, and trusted tech brands, think Garmin and Nokia, are having a go making smartwatches more appealing for the masses. These hybrids do everything from tracking activity to monitoring sleep to notifying wearers when they have a call, so say goodbye to fitness trackers and bulky smart watches – hybrids are here to stay.

Online Casino Membership

Not quite a tech gift but online casino memberships are fun for all. Online casinos are a great way to get the glamorous feel of a night at the casino – from home. With fun games from online pokerto exciting roulette wheels and live blackjack tables, anyone can enjoy a night-in that feels like a night out. Play in pajamas or in Bond-style cocktail attire and enjoy the benefits of being part of a unique club. Online casinos offer lots of freebies: spins, cash, prizes and more, so there more ways to win than you think.

Bring Virtual Reality (VR) to the Homefront

Virtual Reality has finally been made sexy. There’s no denying that people look a bit odd moving around with seemingly-blinding headsets covering their faces. But it simply no longer matters. With the availability of incredible technology and a range of affordable sleek headsets, anyone can relish in the fun that is the world of VR. Made to be affixed to a mobile phone, VR headsets bring users into a new dimension of exploring: watch the Apollo lunar landing up close, swim with whales in the arctic, or jump into the crowd at a musical festival. A gadgetof the future, available now.

The Sleekness of the Smart Assistants

2017 seemed to be the year of the smart assistant. Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung’s Bixi Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s nameless AI – the list goes on. These actively listening smart devices are responsive to voice demands for an array of things. Some boast over 10,000 skills and allow users to do things like play music, control the thermostat and lights or search the internet, all with the control of their voice. Now multiple speakers allow feedback from a wider range and help transform any house into a smart home.

Wireless Earbuds of the Future

Finding the best fitting headphones can be a frustratingly difficult task. They need to be snug but not squished, with high-quality technology for the best sound and versatile for people on the go. The clear winner: the bluetooth-capable, wireless variety. Made for runners, busy parents, commuters and all music fans alike, companies like Bose, Beats and Optoma are creating clever, stylish designs for everyday life. Expect longer battery times, better sound, and more discrete looks.