Back in April, the British Fashion Council (BFC) decided to change the format of London’s iconic ‘Fashion Week’ to a more virtual experience. The decision, although a difficult one, was made in order to better support the safety and well being of all those during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. After much preparation (and a lot of patience), the time is here—with tomorrow marking the first day in this exciting weekend of fashion, education, and entertainment; and to better provide for your unique online experience, the British Fashion Council has released more information so that viewers can make the most out of their personalized online experience.

The event will include talent from all ranges in the fashion industry—and starting tomorrow June 12, the website to London’s Fashion Week will be completely transformed to somewhat of a “digital venue”. The BFC has extended invitations to designers, brands, media companies, retailers, and other creatives—which allows them to submit online content to be watched by viewers and fans from all over the world. Fashion enthusiasts will be able to read personal designer diaries, attend webinars, participate in digital showrooms, and also view and listen to select interviews and podcasts (all for free).

Some designers, such as Marques֬Almeida and Robin Lynch, have decided to still showcase their lines (although on a much smaller scale), while other creators such as Bianca Saunders, RAEBURN, and Daniel W. Fletcher, have chosen to host a series of discussions and panels. Also included, are podcasts and playlists curated and created by a variety of emerging talent: including ART SCHOOL and Ahluwalia.

London’s ‘2020 Virtual Fashion Week’ takes place from June 12-14, and will be made available via the the organizations website.

Photo: Instagram

By Matt Koger