For a lack of better words, 2020 has been hell. We’ve all been stuck at home, trying to make things work but sometimes there are elements of life that you have to leave to the professionals. And while 2020 may still have tricks up its sleeve for better or worse, the one thing consistent in life is that everyone has to eat. For that, we thank and break bread with the chefs, restauranteurs and entrepreneurs that have kept our tummies and spirits up. The Pier House in Venice CA co-founded by Michael J. Dobson is a beachfront restaurant and bar that opened up during the Covid-19 pandemic but has made sure to welcome guests into their little haven along the golden coast. Paying homage to Venice history, and The Dancehall of the original Venice Pier in the early 1900’s, the venue represents an all-new vintage inspired design, bringing a refreshed vibe to the area known as Washington Square.

We had the pleasure of speaking directly to Michael Dobson but spoke to us of the new Venice Beach eatery. As a local of over 30 years and co-owner he was great to talk to, walking us through the idea to put together a restaurant during the lockdown. Pairing up with Executive Chef Alexander Schwartzman for the project, the venue’s seafood inspired menu features classic fish house dishes with a modern twist which perfectly pairs with a number beverage program, created by Ken Gray and Nate Oftelie of Craft2Draft.

A new trend in Sothern California but one reminiscent of Parisian local restaurants is the use of outdoor seating and additional parklets to accommodate restaurant goers. Due to local restrictions enacted as a result of the pandemic, The Pier House is one of many locations that has recently extended its patio to accommodate a surge in customers. The outside seating mixed with the traditional views of the golden coast and their exquisite menu is sure to keep people coming to visit for years to come.

By Ed Solorzano
Photographer: Keith Pratt Photography