For centuries, the French Riviera has played host to some of Europe’s most glamorous aristocrats and monarchs. But few locales have maintained the sense of extravagance and relaxed living quite like Monaco.

In recent years, American actress turned Monacan princess, Grace Kelly, helped bring the city-nation back into the spotlight for many outside Europe. Around the same time, a certain secret agent man helped highlight the extravagant lifestyle, peaking in 1995’s GoldenEye film.

Many who visit head straight to the Monte Carlo. Those interested in glamming it up at the casino won’t be disappointed with the extravagant atmosphere and setting. Fit for a scene from a Bond film, the Monte Carlo’s luxurious design is worth a visit. However, with many gamers choosing to head online to sites like Unibet Casino, sitting down at a table may be more about the experience than ceramic chips.

In fact, those visiting might be more intrigued to find Monaco’s hidden gems. With a population of only 38,000 and a size of just over 200 hectares, they’re harder to find than one may think.

Best of the Boutiques

Top choice: META

With the Royal Grimaldi family still playing a prominent role in life in Monaco, glitz and glamour abound. The city’s most famous shopping boutiques can be found near the Casino de Monte Carlo: Carré d’Or and Allées Lumières.

The Condamine market will provide visitors a more intimate look at what locals eat, drink, and purchase. Smaller boutiques with unique flair can be found here, including Kiwi, Mogan, and LOONA.

But those wanting to dive into a truly Monacan experience can head to META. The art gallery is decidedly different than the luxurious Metropole where many head. The shop is home to a wide range of specialties that won’t be found anywhere else in the world—beginning with gold necklaces and ending with leather beanbags.

Lounging Like a Local

Top choice: Les Grands Chais Monégasques

Figuring out where to stay in style in Monaco is one of the easier decisions for visitors. From the Hôtel Hermitage to Hotel de Paris, service with flair is a mainstay that’s not hard to come by. Those looking to try something new can check out Les Terrasses d’Eze or Vista Palace Hotel, which offer a larger-than-life view of the Mediterranean and the city itself.

Aside from finding the most unforgettable shopping options and a full-service hotel with a view, visitors to Monaco will need to lounge in style. Most opt for the locations managed by Monte-Carlo Société de Bains de Mer, operated by the Royal Grimaldi family, when it’s time to experience the area’s legendary nightlife.

Even so, bright lights and raving are best left for Ibiza. Monaco has a wide range of relaxing entertainment options. Though Le Bar Américain is famous for hosting glamorous stars throughout its history, Les Grands Chais Monégasques has been a staple for a century now.

Nestled in the city’s oldest wine cellar, the store and showrooms have undergone a recent transformation to update its sitting areas. With a variety of specialties in wine, champagne, and spirits, Les Grands Chais Monégasques combines the ancient practice with modern style and sensibility.

Maquillage Maestros

Top choice: Lancaster Beauty

When it comes to creating an unforgettable look, few accessories are as important as makeup. Monaco offers the standard fare of Sephora and The Body Shop, as well as local variations such as Monaco Beauty & Tanning Boutique.

Lancaster Beauty, born in Monaco in the early 1900s, offers a stylish twist on standard skincare. With lines, like the Ligne Princière, dedicated to icons like Grace Kelly, the shop itself is almost like a museum. Though the brand is now recognizable worldwide, their Monaco location shouldn’t be missed.