Ever wish your eyes can get a massage after a long day of looking at a computer screen? Well you don’t have to wish no longer! Blass Beauty has got you covered!

The brand has just released “The Smart Eye Massager,” a perfect product for those who are in front a screen all day. It is made to target acupoints, to lessen and reduce tensions and headaches. The clamshell design allows you to take the massager anywhere!

The founder of this genius product, Michelle Pooch, who first started off as a promoter and host and later turned into a DJ, did years of trial and error until she was able to create Blass Beauty and the Smart Eye Massager. She is also a fashion model and still continues to DJ, while running a business. Talk about a #blassbabe and #girlboss!

To purchase your own Smart Eye Massager, head over to blassbeauty.com.