Some mornings always start the same way. The morning coffee: swallowed quickly, you are very late, and you are looking for that top you like so much. At the final, you find him but crumpled. The ironing board takes too much time, so you change your outfit completely …For the lazy ones who are convinced that wrinkled clothes are fashionable and for the maniacs who consider the ironing board indispensable. Bello Mag has a product that will change your life!

The steamer by BLACK+DECKERâ„¢ provides powerful steam in less than a minute for your clothes. The compact, ergonomic design is perfect for quick wrinkle reduction and you can even pack it along for travel. The locking trigger lets you apply steam continuously or in small bursts. The Compact Garment Steamer puts the power of steam into a lightweight device, making it easy to keep your fabrics wrinkle-free and fresh.

The metal press plate allows for simple wrinkle reduction and the continuous steam switch is perfect for curtains and upholstery fabrics. The fast warm-up time warms up in less than a minute and the lightweight ergonomic design is easy and comfortable to use.

This Steamer will change your life and especially your difficult mornings!

Price: $29.99