Whether you’re a fashion designer looking for the next big thing or simply someone looking to switch up their wardrobe, often your ideas were derived from some source of inspiration. When you utilize the same sources time after time, however, over time they become less impactful. Finding new sources to pull from, therefore, is essential to keep helping you evolve in your craft and in life. Below is a list of resources you can draw style and fashion inspiration from. 

The Real World

You’d be surprised what style and fashion inspiration you can draw from simply paying attention in the real world. Go sit in a park, attend a community event or head to any location where there’s lots of foot traffic and pay attention to the people. Much like their backgrounds, race, culture, and experiences, you’ll find that their personal styles are very unique. From the modern minimalist to the trendy urban dresser, you’ll find all sorts of fashion ideas you can cultivate into your own. 

Social Media

A very close second to getting style inspiration from the real world is social media. As millions of people are plugged in at a time sharing their personal styles, you can learn a lot. You can follow fashion bloggers and get up to date advice on the latest trends or simply scroll through your newsfeed to draw inspiration from those closest to you. 

Fashion Magazines

Whether digital or in print it is the job of fashion magazines everywhere to keep their audiences in tune with what’s hot and what’s not. They are constantly keeping up with the latest trends from street style to runway fashions which makes them a perfect platform to gain motivation from. You can read how-to articles, browse the many photographs, or buy a few magazines in print and start cutting out various pieces you’d like to add to your arsenal. 

Fashion and Style Blogs

If you can scour home decor and style blogs for the latest breakfast bar ideas or new paint color trends, you most certainly can find some inspiration by following popular fashion and style blogs. Often run by fashion bloggers or individuals with a passion for fashion, you’ll find everything from guides and tutorials to the latest trends and fads. 

Runways/Fashion Week

The great thing about runway shows and fashion weeks is that you get an opportunity to see what’s in style for the upcoming seasons well in advance. You can learn in the summertime what’s going to be the hot thing in the fashion world in the winter. You can find out the most common colors, fabrics, or accessories used for the season. Whether you attend local fashion shows in person or do a quick internet search, you can find a ton of inspiration to add to your own style. 

The Movies

Though fashion does continue to evolve some styles and trends always have a way of coming back around. You could draw some new inspiration by spending a few hours watching some style-inspired films. Watching the fashion trends throughout various eras can give you ideas on how to incorporate it with the clothes, accessories, shoes, and trends available today. 

Shopping Trips

When is the last time you went on a shopping trip simply to look at what’s available? Most head to the mall or other retailers to grab something specific instead of simply browsing the selections. If you want to switch up your wardrobe or draw inspiration for your business or brand, head to some popular retail stores and pay attention. Look at what’s on the manikins, pay attention to the most popular colors and styles on the racks, even pay attention to what the consumers are gravitating towards. 


Sometimes, you have to get out of your comfort zone to find the fashion and style inspiration you’re looking for. For those who travel frequently, this is an ideal time to do that. Whether you’re heading from the east coast to the west coast or traveling internationally to Paris, Italy, or Tokyo you’ll find that the fashion culture is very different wherever you go. 

As you can see, there are clearly a number of sources you can turn to when looking for innovative style and fashion ideas. From the internet to fashion capitals around the world, there is no shortage of places to find the inspiration you need to take your personal style and/or fashion brand to the next level.