Ten One Design, the company behind some great, innovative tech products, has released an all new home tech gadget, the Wifi Porter. With just a tap of a smartphone, your guests can easily connect to the Wifi without having to enter a password, or even open the Settings app on the phone, for that matter.

The tap feature on the Wifi Porter works with most Android smartphones and newer iPhone models. For other smartphones, all you’d need to do is scan the QR code on the bottom of the Wifi Porter, with the phone’s camera app. 

Ten One Design’s products lean towards making technology accessible, in more ways than one. Their Blockhead laptop charger is designed to turn bulky laptop chargers around to the side, so that they can fit in awkward spaces.

T.O.D. definitely care about your gadgets, and the Wifi Porter is an example of that care and insight.

By Michael Jacobo