Musician Cliff Beach has released a brand new bowtie line, “Toohey’s Ties,” which is perfect for the current Awards Show season, or any season for that matter. With some designs like The Red Vinyl, the Sleevie Wonder, or even the Vegas Circus, Beach can very well start redefining the bowtie accessory.

The flashy, jazz-influenced looks is an easy and fun way to make your suit standout. Beach is currently a musician, influenced by funk and soul. His band is currently a finalist for the Jam in the Van Battle of the Bands at NAMM 2020, being held at the Anaheim Convention Center from January 16-19 (for more information about NAMM, click here, and to vote and donate for Cliff Beach, click here).

Keep your ears and eyes wide open as Cliff Beach is revolutionizing the world of music and bowties. You can follow Cliff Beach and Toohey’s Ties social media for more updates.

By Michael Jacobo