Everyone’s favorite TV mom, Kris Jenner, took to Instagram on Sunday to announce that the family is back in business. The true Kardashian fans will remember their previous retail venture, Dash (they even had a spinoff show). Kardashian Kloset will be different. This time, the family is letting us all into their personal closets to buy their used designer clothes online. The sneak peek posted by Kris featured the likes of YSL, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more. It is safe to say this online store is any fashion girl’s dream closet. The official launch date is this Friday and the Instagram account is live with a few preview items for sale, including a red Gucci bag from Kris’s closet and a pair of velvet Off-White hiking boots from Kylie’s. Pricing has not yet been revealed, but we can expect the cost is high to wear something once worn by one of these powerful women.

It also hasn’t yet been revealed if Kardashian Kloset has a charitable component, but based on Kim’s history of selling clothes on ebay in partnership with The Children’s Hospital of LA and The Buried Alive Project, I am hopeful. This glamorous opportunity does come with some automatic environmental benefits. Clothing resale is an important aspect of trying to make the fashion industry more sustainable. By extending the lives of their designer pieces, the Kardashians are making more out of the resources that were used to make them. Considering the magnitude of most celebrity closets’, more celebrities could stand to do something like Kardashian Kloset. Most clothes are worn once and thrown to the back of the closet, so thank you to the Kardashians for giving us the chance to wear them. Here’s to hoping we can get our hands on some Kardashian clothes!

By Sonja Grunfeld