Sonoma, Napa and Santa Barbara. 3 iconic places in California as the inspiration for Wine Country Botanicals.

Using essential oils throughout the day can change your mood and heighten your overall sense of wellbeing. Each scent is designed to address different areas of emotional wellness:

NAPA ~ RENEW blend
We love them all but our favorite is the Santa Barbara, it’s fresh and gives you this extra squeeze or energy!

Perfume rollerball – all collection – Boxed: $45 (You can also get them not boxed for $39)


Wine Country Botanicals started as a seed of an idea using what I had learned from 20 years in the wine business: use ingredients found in wine country, respect and appreciate Mother Nature, and embrace the idea of terroir.  This all came to greater light after my children were born, and I found myself spending hours researching how to keep them healthy, and sure enough, the truth always came back to nature. I was especially fascinated by essential oils and began a quest to understand as much as I could about these magical and potent plant essences.  The more I studied, the more I realized how much essential oils and wine had in common: from the idea of terroir and the fact that certain plants grow better in certain climates and soils, to processing standards (bulk vs boutique), to aging and blending techniques.  The parallels were numerous, enlightening and easy to embrace. 

After 2 years of research, studies, work with consultants, trial and error and yes, OBSESSION, a root took hold.  Making a collection of blends was a must as science has proven that the whole is always greater than the sum of it’s parts. The foundation for all three blends is lavender because of it’s superior skin healing properties.  From there, over 100 different blends were experimented with to find just the right ones.

Another element that was extremely important to me was the ability for these products to promote wellness. Studies have shown that certain essential oils have restorative properties for your skin which address your physical health, and they also can help you feel relaxed, centered, and have a more positive sense of wellbeing, addressing your mental and emotional well being.

In choosing the final blend selections I knew, as in selecting wine blends to put in the bottle, there had to be in balance  so each blend is designed to have a top, middle and base note.  From there, I decided which essence to highlight-floral notes in the NAPA blend, citrus in the SANTA BARBARA blend, and woody notes in the SONOMA blend.

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