Samantha Ware (aka Sameya) has released her new song/music video Bad4Me today! Check out her exclusive interview with Bello and fall in love!

You’ve starred on hit shows like Glee, What/If, All Rise and performed in huge productions like Hamilton, Book of Mormon, and The Lion King. How did you get started in acting? Have you always aspired to be an actor?

Performance has always been a part of my life. Growing up in a black church helped me chisel into one of my many passions early on.

You are also a talented singer/musician. How would you describe your style of music? What are some artists you are inspired by?

My direction, sound and overall said “vibe” of my music isn’t to be pinned down yet but it often plays in the court of Progressive-pop-soul??? Who knows.  I am confidently aware that my artistic identity hasn’t fully birthed herself yet but this is the third trimester and right now I’m taking tender steps because, one, I’m a perfectionist and two, I prefer to involuntarily learn lessons by enduring the sharp pains of fearlessness. I’m only interested in my own pace, my own words and self-direction without the pressure and gaze of what is deemed mainstream. I’m inspired by my surroundings and heartbreak but also in love with artists like Chaka Khan, La Lupe, Kari Faux, E. Badu, Diana Ross, Kelsey Lu, Prince, Lauryn Hill…

You just released your new song/music video Bad4Me. Tell us the story behind this powerful song.

I used to suffer from being attracted to anxious avoidant men and women who were disrespectful of my boundaries, creativity and time. I used to stick around long enough for them to say some dumb, gaslighting shit like, “You bring it out of me” to blanket their abusive actions. I’m very aware of my energy and my intentions but if you forsake my softness, then anticipate sandpaper edges. I would always come out on top, but at the cost of a rendezvous that ends with somebody’s feelings getting hurt. So I just began to exercise a different route for relationships in general.  I don’t want to have to go there if it’s not necessary; if it disturbs my peace like that, it’s bad for me.

Your activism for the black community, especially black women, does not go unnoticed. Have there been situations you’ve experienced in Hollywood that you would like to change? What have you personally experienced yourself? What can the industry do to DO BETTER?

I’m tired of giving out free information on how the industry can treat femmes who look like me as human beings. Most of us have access to the same internet and books so…. I’ve felt so alienated by Hollywood’s collective ignorance and I’m just tired. Pay us, hire us, cast us, let us write, let us feel safe.

What message can you give young black women today to be their true self? What about those working in the industry like yourself?  

This ride ends. Please don’t get caught up living for likes, visibility and false power. Take care of your mind and spirit. Acknowledge your boundaries and stand firmly on them. Get free. Get freakyyyyyyyyyyyyy.