The dark comedy series, Dead to Me, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, revolves around the lives of two exceptionally well-off women, Jen and Judy, who meet at a healing support group for grief. The two hit it off, instantly becoming best friends.

At the start of the series, Jen (Applegate) is a newly widowed mother mourning the death of her husband, Ted, who suddenly died from a hit-and-run. Meanwhile, Judy (Cardellini) is recovering the loss of her fiancé, Steve, who was killed by a heart attack. The show includes twists and turns of comedy and crime, but the basis and most important part of the show is that the topic of grief comes to light in a raw, emotional and relatable way.

As the series goes on, the drama rises; we learn that Judy isn’t telling the entire truth. Spoiler ahead! The lie unfolds when Jen makes a surprise trip to Judy’s mansion and discovers Steve alive and healthy. It also turns out, Judy no longer lives there. She later explains to Jen that, although she is not mourning the loss of her fiancé, she is still mourning her numerous miscarriages. Jen forgives her and even offers Judy a place to stay.

If this is not already shocking enough, more twists and turns follow; Judy was behind the wheel of the car that hit Ted— and Steve was in the passenger seat. It soon becomes known that Judy befriended Jen in hopes of relieving her guilt from the accident by helping Jen mourn. When this  news comes to light, Jen and Judy’s friendship is torn apart.

The show ends with yet another twist; Steve is seen dead in Jen’s pool after a long argument between the two, specifically consisting of Jen interrogating Steve.

Written By: Savanah Butler