Mignon, who stars in “Sistas,” sat with us at Bello to discuss her journey throughout “Sistas,” her purpose as an actress, fashion, and more! Embracing a sound and peaceful way of life, when asked how individuals can help makes changes, the talented actress emphasized self-love and work as the more you can give to yourself, the more you can give to others. While on set of “Sistas,” laughter can be heard throughout the studio where the cast and crew became close from the beginning. Mignon embodies love, patience, talent, and beauty all in one. Make sure to check out “Sistas,” if you haven’t already!

Share with us your audition for your role on “Sistas.” What were you feeling? How did it go?

I initially sent in a self-tape while visiting Atlanta. The day before flying back to LA I get called for a callback. After I go back to LA within a week I move back to Atlanta; did another call back then I waited like a month before hearing I was cast for one of the lead roles as “Danni”.

What was it about the role that drew you to it the most?

Danni is very comedic! I love laughter; and she is intense, but she’s caring. She’s relatable & flawed, thus lovable to me, at least.

Who did you connect with while on set?

All my castmates. We know it’s rare that a cast this big connects like we have, but we click, quirks and all. We fam!

If you had to write a pilot for a TV series, what would you write about?

Actually, a half hour comedy spinoff for Danni and Zac at the airport… who’s down?

What is your purpose as an actress?

To tell universal familiar stories with unfamiliar faces. To help heal the schisms of our humanity and reconcile us to our purpose within the infinite & Creator.

Describe to us your fashion style.

Elegant, sexy, Boho whimsical, chic, yes all in one!

Share with us some obstacles you have faced and how you overcame them. 

Being underestimated. Wanting to be seen and known and the drama that played out from that frame of reference. I realize now that I am seen, heard, understood, & known by the Creator of the Universe and myself, so that is enough. I overcame/am overcoming by reminding myself of that but first did the work to find evidence of that truth. My quest for deeper wisdom, love, and actualization is daily, moment by moment even.

Given our current days, what are some ways individuals can be part of the change?

Working on yourself, the more you grow and expand, love, and forgive, one by one, person by person, the world changes in each little corner we occupy. It’s inside out, top down. We create the world around us from within.

When I say “LOVE”, what first comes to mind?

God, Christ, and the unconditional ever-unfolding presence and expression of His Spirit in each of us. God is a Spirit & God is love.

What can fans expect next?

Who knows maybe that spinoff with Danni and Zac, but definitely something brought to you by yours truly.


Talent MIGNON @mignon_fof
Photographer RUSSELL BAER @russel.baer
Stylist BRENDON ALEXANDER @brendnalexander
Hair PORSCHE LEE @porsche_creations
Makeup ELAINA BOYD @iamelainajulia
Interview by ALEXANDRA BONNET @alexbonnetwrites