Whether you read about it in the news or saw it on your newsfeed, rompers for men might be the buzziest thing to happen in trendy menswear since utility kilts and meggings. From NFL’s Cam Newton to Bravo’s Andy Cohen, there isn’t just one caliber of men who are wearing the trend either. There are a lot of guys out there who simply like guy rompers for the way it looks on their body. Moreover, this is the same reason why some men write off the trend altogether because they assume it’s not appropriate for their shape. Ultimately, anyone can look awesome in a men’s romper as long as you know what fit styles to look out for that flatter your unique body type. It’s not about being skinny, fat or muscular; it’s about experimenting with fit, color and style to play up what you’ve already got. Scroll down for some style tips on men’s rompers broken down by body type so you can start owning the short-onesie trend like James Bond himself. (Yes, even James Bond has worn a romper.)

What exactly is a male romper?

For anyone who’s still terribly confused by this post, a mens romper is a one-piece most similar to a jumpsuit, also known as a boilersuit, mechanic suit, onesie or playsuit. Unlike men’s jumpsuits, guy rompers are always made with short pants, but sleeve length can still vary. If it has long pants, it’s a jumpsuit – not a romper. Pretty much all rompers for men are designed with either button or zipper closures down the front to get in and out of them easily (so the bathroom is not a place to be feared). When it comes to fabric and color, that’s really where creative brilliance comes to life so don’t hold back from trying a new pattern or shade. Not sure where to buy one? Today, you can usually find a mens romper for sale online at stylish men’s clothing stores like Differio as well as a few large department retailers with a more fashion-forward approach than traditional.


Rectangle Body Types:

Apparently one of the most common male body types is the rectangular shape. Rectangular shaped men have no change in curves from their shoulders to hips, and generally, but not necessarily, have a flat torso. (Look up Harry Styles for visual aid.)

If you fall under this category, your most flattering male romper style is fabrics with busy patterns and horizontal stripes. Patterns, like floral, plaid, animal print, etc., can disguise the straightness of your silhouette. Additionally, horizontally striped rompers can widen the body giving the illusion of wider hips and shoulders, but stay away from vertical stripes as this will give the opposite effect. Rectangle body types can also get away with most fit styles, but slim-fit men’s rompers are the most flattering, especially accessorized with a belt.

Additionally, you’ll want to go with top-heavy layers to add shape to your straight silhouette. Rompers for men can actually look even more fashionable when paired with denim vests, chunky cardigans, or leather jackets.

Oval Body Types:

Oval body types pertain to heavier set men that hold the most weight around their mid-sections and the least mass around their shoulders and legs. Usually these men are slimmer around the shoulders, chest and hips, and run widest around the waist. (Look up James Corden for visual aid.)

Your ideal style is any mens romper for sale in a dark shade (black, navy, charcoal, burgundy, etc.) or with vertical stripes. Dark colors can lend a slimming effect while hiding the bulkiness around the waist. Vertical stripes will also elongate your frame. For fit, find rompers that are slightly loose, but not necessarily baggy. Baggy clothes can even over accentuate a round figure. Simply avoid rompers for guys that run extremely fitted or extremely loose because neither fit styles will benefit your body type.

When you’re styling rompers for men, try casual jackets in a tapered fit, like bomber jackets, to give the illusion of a smaller waist. Even with layering, avoid heavy patterns because this will only accentuate a wide waist.

Inverted Triangle Body Types:

Inverted triangle body types carry the most weight around their shoulders and chest with a narrow waist. Inverted triangle body types are the “fittest” of male body types because of their particularly narrow waist sharply contrasted by broad, muscular shoulders. (Look up Cristiano Ronaldo for visual aid.)

Since this is an especially top-heavy body type, you should find rompers for guys that balance the top and bottom halves of your body. Look for men’s rompers with a polo collar or V-neck to draw attention to your chiseled chest and away from your shoulders. (After all, you did work for it!) If your romper doesn’t have a collar or V-neck, you can leave the first few buttons undone to create that V-neck shape.

To style your rompers for men, avoid top-heavy layering because you’re already bulky up top. Instead, focus on adding dimension to the bottom half of your body, such as wearing your romper with knee-high socks, high-top sneakers or mid-top combat boots. You can even fold the leg cuffs of your romper to add subtle pleating along the lower half. If you find yourself still needing more bulk around your lower body, you can always wear enhancing underwear to give your backside a little more natural volume.

Photo by Differio