HeadBlade is revolutionizing razors.
From the new men’s razor to the women’s Aveline collection, shaving will never be the same!
With Valentine’s Day approaching, take a moment to think of that perfect gift for you special someone or just to treat yourself!

HeadBlade’s S4 MOTO GoldFinger

HeadBlade’s race car-inspired, multi-purpose shaver glides over the scalp in a natural motion – akin to running a finger through his sultry hair, or lack thereof! Ergonomically designed with a ring that fits over his middle finger, the limited edition GoldFinger hugs the contours of the scalp giving him a painless, precise shave in minutes. Features a gold-plated handle, luxury case, patented suspension and ball design, along with three replacement cartridges. When you get your package, the presentation is welcoming and generous! It comes with one additional HB6 adaptor and 3 extra HB6 blade cartridges and is backed by a two-year limited warranty. It is compact, light, and truly a game changer!

Aveline Razor

When you get your Razor, you will notice the finger-controlled ergonomic handle to the 3 plus 3 flexible blade. Indeed, Aveline caters to women’s specific body shaving needs. As they explain, “We want all women to have a superior shave, so whether this is your first grooming experience or you need a little extra help gripping the handle, Aveline makes every shave a close shave.” Let’s be honest ladies. We all could use that perfect shave at times…Speaking from experience, it could come in handy! Offering subscription and a la carte options, Aveline is an ergonomic, web-only razor line, re-imagining the female shaving experience!

By Alexandra Bonnet