Photo by Tamar Levine

Magic Men Live is exactly what you think it is. An exhibition of all-male, all-abs, all-swoon at the historic Avalon venue in Hollywood. Beginning August 10th, gorgeous men are set to entertain and empower audience members and bring your favorite innocent and naughty fantasies to life. With five Saturday night shows leading into late September you have no excuse to not stop by. Bring your girls, boys, and moms and brace yourself for an exhilarating, first-rate experience!

Best described as a concert tour experience, MAGIC MEN LIVE is an all-male show that is set to entertain and empower all audience members. Currently, they are set to perform live in front of a full audience at the historic Avalon venue in Hollywood beginning August 10th with five Saturday night shows leading into late September. Myles Hass, the founder of the production, has carried the shows for years before the popularity of current shows that imitate but never perfectly reproduce the impact of the show.

“Magic Men Live is a first-class ladies night concert tour experience that is taking over the world one city at a time. This high-energy and intensely exciting experience was designed with the desires of contemporary women in mind; bringing all of their favorite fantasies to life with a new, exciting and innovative production unlike anything the world has ever seen.”

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Written by: Rebecca Kang